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Veröffentlichungen der Professur im Jahre 2008

  • Domptail, S. E., Popp, A., Nuppenau, E.-A. (2008), A trade-off analysis between rangeland health and income generation in southern Namibia. In: Agrobiodiversity and Economic Development. Eds. Kontoleon A, Pascual U, Smale M. Routledge
  • Popp, A., Domptail, S., Blaum, N. and Jeltsch F. (in press), Land use experience does qualify for adaptation to climate change, Ecological Modelling
  • Domptail, S. E., Nuppenau E.-A. (second submission), Land tax: towards a multifunctional institutional tool for land reform and rangeland conservation, Submitted to the International Journal of Environmental Policy and Decision Making (IJEPDM).
  • Martius, C., Froebich, J., and Nuppenau, E.-A. (2008), Water Resource Management for Improving Environmental Security and Rural Livelihoods in the Irrigated Amu Darya Lowlands, in: Brauch, H. G., Grin, J., Mesjasz, C., Dunay, P., Chadha Behera, N., Chourou, B., Oswald Spring, U., Liotta, P. H., and Kameri-Mbote, P., Globalisation and Enfironmental Challenges: Reconceptualising Security in the 21st Century, Berlin: Springer (in press)
  • Nuppenau, E.-A., Rural Development and the Hertitage of Chayanov and Georgescu-Roegen: On Labour Intensive Agriculture and Peasants. In: TOMIC, D. und SEVARLIC M. M., Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas in Central and Eastern Europe, 100th seminar of the EAAE, Novi Sad, 21. bis 23 Juni 2007, Serbian Association of Agricultural Economists, 2008, S. 403-411.
  • Nuppenau, E.-A., Strategies and Objective Functions of Land Users in Bio-Economic Modeling: On Normative Aspects of Nature Recognition. Accepted for "Nova Science Publisher".
  • Nuppenau, E.-A., On Nature Inclusion in Famers' Objective Functions and Eco-System-Provision in Bio-Economic Modelling. 107th European Association of Agricultural Economists Seminar "Modelling Agricultural and Rural Development Policies", Sevilla, 30. Januar bis 1. Februar 2008. CD-Rom and accepted for book publication.
  • Nuppenau, E.-A., Biodiversity Conservation through Public Management in Cultural Landscapes: Integrating Economic and Ecological Evaluation of Species by Shadow Prices. Poster Paper at the 12th Congress of the European Association of Agricultural Economists "People, Food and Environments: Global Trends and European Strategies", Ghent, 26. bis 27. August 2008. CD-Rom.
  • Nuppenau, E.-A., Efficient Biodiversity Management through Shadow Price Evaluation: On Instruments of Landscape Design, Farmers' Supply and Citizens' Demand. Seminar Paper at the 10th Annual BIOECON Conference on "The Effectiveness and Efficiency of Biodiversity Conservation Instruments", Cambridge, 28. bis 30 September 2008, under review for publication
  • Woldie, G. A. und E.-A. Nuppenau, The role of Marketing Cooperatives on the Bargaining Position of Banana Producers in Southern Ethiopia. Contributed Paper on International Banana conference "Banana and Plantain in Africa: Harnessing International Partnership to increase research Impact", Mombassa, 5. bis 9. Oktober 2008. Acta horticulturae (International Society for Horticultural Sciences), forthcoming