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Former PhD Candidates

Overview of Former Students

Name E-mail Home-Country Thesis Title Finishing year
Anteneh Girma Haile Ethiopia Institutional, Spatial and Behavioral Analysis of Rainwater Management Innovation Systems in Ethiopia
Rosaine Nérice Yegbemey Benin Climate change and sustainable management of natural resources in Developing countries: A case study of Benin
Xuan Luan Do Vietnam Assess to and demand for microfinance services by the rural households: An application to TYM Microfinance Fund in Soc Son district, Hanoi City, Vietnam
Madu Ali Bwala Nigeria Simulation of Production, Consumption and Welfare in Farm Households under Risk and different economic Conditions: A Case Study of North Central Nigeria
Tsegaye Tagesse Gatiso Ethiopia The Nexues between Irrigation, Environmental Goods and Rural Poverty in Ethiopia: The Case of Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Region
Collins Richard Kaweesi Uganda Vegetable Export Sector Competitiveness and Its Implications on the Rural Poor in Uganda: An Integrated Value Chain Analysis of Hot Peppers
Humayun Kabir Bangladesh Potential and feasibility of biogas production in Bangladesh: Looking for a sustainable energy source
Semistatus Mashimba Tanzania Estimating and Comparing Transaction Costs in Formal and Informal Small-Scale Enterprises: Fruits Processing Enterprises in Tanga and Dar es salaam Cities in Tanzania
Ujjal Tiwari Nepal Socio-economic Analysis of the Impact of Climate Change on Nepalese Agriculture
Fengli Xiu China Chinese Foreign Trade of Agricultural Commodities: Analysis and Modelling
Huong Kieu Thi Thu Vietnam The Impact of Linkages among major actors within the Agricultural Knowledge and Information System (AKIS) on Tea Farming in Vietnam
Abdelateif Hassan Ibrahim Sudan Impacts of Culture on Agricultural Production Efficiency of Women Farmers in North Kordofan State (Sudan)
Sonam Wangchuck Bhutan Socioeconomics and Resource Allocation decision among Farm households in the Context of Crop –Livestock Farming System in Bhutan: A Farm Household Modelling Approach
Ulugbek Askarov Uzbekistan Production and market analyses of vegetables produced in greenhouses: a case study: cucumber and tomato production and marketing in Tashkent region of Uzbekistan.
Philliph Musyoka Michael Kenya 2013
Xiaohuan Yan China Land Tenure Arrangements, Factor Markets Development and Agricultural Production: Evidence from Henan Province 2013
Immaculate Omondi Kenya Dairy Marketing Hubs in East Africa: Economic Analysis of Farmer Preferences for Services 2013
Manjunatha Arahalli Venkataronappa India Dynamics of Agricultural Groundwater Use in Presence of Water Markets in India 2012
Puran Mal India Socio-Economic and Environmental Impact of Bt Cotton in Northern India 2012
Izhar Gouzhary Indonesia Analysis of Regional Cluster Development in Indonesia: An Empirical Study on leather industry 2012
Samar Shams Elddin M. Abdalla Sudan Food and Nutrition Security among the Rural Farm Households in the Dry Land Sector of Sudan 2012
Asif Reza Anik Bangladesch Farm level corruption and its impact on farm production and food security in Bangladesh 2011
Cui Yu China Urbanization in China
Driving forces and impacts on rural areas 
Nilhari Neupane Nepal Political economy of water distribution in the trans-himalayan region of Nepal 2011
Jumba Idalinya Kenya Food Security, Income Generation and Expenditure of Smallholder Farmers in Western Kenya: A Socio-Economic Analysis 2011
Evelina Budjurova Uzbekistan Agriculture in a Transition Economy: Analysis of Productivity and Profitability of Private Farms in Tashkent Region, Usbekistan 2011 
Sadika Haque Bangladesh Efficiency and institutional issues of shrimp farming in Bangladesh 2011
Mengistu Ketema Aredo Ethiopia Land Management Decisions,  Agricultural Productivity and the Rural Income: The Case of Eastern Highlands of  Ethiopia 2010
Panchit Pornpratansombat Thailand Socio-economic analysis of organic and conventional agriculture in Thailand: An empirical study on rice sector 2010
Bamlaku Alamirew Alemu Ethiopia Rural Poverty, Land Management Practices and Agricultural Productivity in Ethiopia 2010
Getachew Abebe Woldie Ethiopia Econometric Analyses of Small-Scale Banana Markets in Southern Ethiopia: A New Institutional Economics Perspective 2010
Amina Maharjan Nepal Labour Out Migration on Ist Impact on Farm Families in the  Mid Hills of Nepal 2010
Romy Das Nepal Bio-Economic Modeling of Soil Resource Conservation in Mid Hill Region of Nepal 2009
Yotsawin Kukeawkasem Thailand Risk Attitudes and Risk Management Strategies of Swine Producers in Thailand 2009
Khalid Hassan Ali Siddig Sudan Macroeconomy and Agriculture in Sudan: Analysis of  Trade Policies, External Shocks, and Economic Bans in a Computable General Equilibrium Approach  2009
Sirak Teclemariam Bahta Eritrea Agricultural Market Participation of Small Holder Farmers in South Africa: A Case of Free State Province 2009
Fazli Rabbi Pakistan The Economic Reliance and Degradation of Forests in Northern Pakistan: A Socio-economic Analysis 2009
Immaculate Nujthe Maina Kenya Research-Extension-Farmer Linkages and the Gender Factor: Perspectives on the demand-driven Agricultural Technology and Information Response Initiative (ATIRI) in Nakuru District, Kenya 2008
Krishna Reddy Kakumanu India Economic Analysis and Management of Irrigation Systems under Subsidized Electricity Regime in Semi-arid Region of Andhra Pradesh, India 2008
Tarig Mohammed Gibreel Sudan Impact of Agricultural Policy on Resource Allocation in the Gum Belt of Sudan: A Farm Household Modelling Approach 2008
Amjath Babu Tharayil Shereef India Economic and Environmental impacts of political non cooperative strategies in water management: An analysis of prospective unilateral state policies in Cauvery Basin of India 2008
Hanan Mohamed Elhadi Sudan Evaluation of Measures to Combat Desertification in the Farm sector in North Kodofan State, Sudan 2008
Norma Ely Silva Brazil Impact of different land use options on carbon sequestration: Implications and development perspective for smallholders in Brazilian Amazon 2008
Trung Thanh Nguyen Vietnam The Impact of Land Reform on Farm Households' in Northern Uplands of Vietnam 2008
Sirirat Kiatpathomchai Thailand Assessing the Economic and Environmental Efficiency of Rice Production Systems in Southern Thailand: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis 2008
Vitaliy Dvornik Ukraine Consequences of foreign direct investments on the economic development in the Ukraine. A theoretical and empirical analysis of the agrarian and food sector 2007
Rajaa Hassan Mustafa Sudan Risk Management in the Rain-fed Sector of Sudan: Case Study, Gedaref Area Eastern Sudan 2006
Guanghua Lin China Development and Application of an Economic Model for Agricultural Policy Simulation in China 2006
Victor Afari-Sefa Ghana Agricultural Export Diversification, Food Security and Living Conditions of Farmers in Southern Ghana: A Microeconomic and Household Modelling Approach 2006
Richard Mbithi Mulwa Kenia Economic and Environmental Performance of Sugarcane Production in Kenya: Non-Parametric Frontier Approaches 2006
Dansinou Silvère Tovignan Benin Gender Perspectives in the Adoption of Organic Cotton in Benin: A Farm Household Modelling Approach 2005
Lucia Ravalison Madagascar Natural resource protection and sustainable production in the Highlands of Madagascar 2005
Xiaodong Mei China Soil Conservation and Sustainable Land Use in Inner Mongolia, China 2005
Wasanthi Wickramasinghe Sri Lanka Development of a Sector Model for Agricultural Policy Analysis in Sri Lanka (SLASM) 2005
Shahnaj Parveen Bangladesh Empowerment of Rural Women in Bangladesh: A Household Level Analysis 2005
Herbert Hot Ojahan Siagian Indonesia Strategic Factors for Cooperative Organizations in Encountering Liberalized Market - A Case of Rural Indonesia - 2005
Achille Jean Jaza Folefack Cameroon The Use of Compost from Household Waste in Agriculture: Economic and Environmental Analysis in Cameroon 2005
Sen Thi Hoa Le Vietnam Soil Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture: A Case Study of the Coastal Region Quangtri Province, Vietnam 2005
Lila Bahadur Karki Nepal Impact of Project Intervention on Rural Household in Nepal: "Assessment of Socio-economic and Environmental Implications" 2004
Edwin Waldemar Ac Bol Guatemala / Honduras Interrelation of Education and Living Conditions in Farm Households: Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Findings in Honduras 2004
Rija Ranaivoarison Madagascar Land Property Rights and Agricultural Development in the Highlands of Madagascar: Economic and Environmental Implications 2004
Afouda Jacob Yabi Benin Agricultural  Projects and Sustainable Development of Rural Areas in Benin:
Impacts Assessmentand Modelling Participation and Adoption Decisions 
Khin Mar Cho Myanmar Guidelines for the Implementation of a Participatory Extension Approach in Myanmar: An Empirical Study of Training Needs of Extension Agents 2003
Lan Fang China A Spatial Model (SWAM) for Water Efficiency and Irrigation Technology Choices: A case study from Northwestern China 2003
Getenesh Sintayehu Tekle Ethiopia Extension Organisation, Field Extension Activity and Extension Training in coffee improvement projects of Ethiopia 2002
Khandaker Md. Mostafizur Rahman


Bangladesh Measuring the Efficiency of Producing Rice in Bangla­desh: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis 2002
A.N.K. Noman


Bangladesh The Impact of Foreign Trade Policies and External Shocks on the Agricultural Sector of Bangladesh 2002
Mohammed Riaz Pakistan Optimal Agricultural Land Use Systems for Northern Pakistan 2001
Tamas Giorgadse


Georgia Intraregionaler Handel in der GUS Bestimmungsfaktoren und Auswirkung auf den Transformationsprozess Georgiens 2001
Julio Martinez Guzman


Costa Rica Incorporation of Environmental Sustainability in Cost Benefit Analysis for Development Projects 2001
Erick Herman Abiassi Benin Exchange Rate Adjustment, Food Security and Welfare of Small-Scale Farmers in Southern Benin: A Computable Household Model Analysis 2001
Hammadur Rahman Bangladesh The Influence of Extension on the Introduction of Organic Farming in Bangladesh 2000
Jia Jinrong



Landwirtschaftliche Einstellung der Kleinbauern Chinas im marktwirtschaftlichen Anpassungsprozess

Milan Adhikary


Nepal Resource Allocation in the Agricultural Sector Model in Nepal: Analysis and Impact of Policies 2000
Jianchun Guo China A Regional Non-Linear Agricultural Sector Model for the Hainan Province/PR China 2000
Johnny Mugisha



Uganda The Impact of Structural Adjustment Policies and External Market Effects on Uganda Agricultural Economy: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis 1999
Abdul Qayyum Mohsin


Pakistan The impact of Irrigation and Agriculture Policy Measure on the Socio-economic Situation of Farmers in the Rice Zone of the Punjab Province (Pakistan)  1999
Zhou Shudong


China Regional Model for Agricultural Policy Analysis in Jiangsu/China 1999
Magdi Edward Tawadrous Sudan The Impact of Water Resource and Management on the Development of the Rahad Irrigation Project in Sudan 1998
Sang-Youp Lee



Korea Sozioökonomische Auswirkungen von Klimaveränderungen auf die Landwirtschaft im Südkorea - Einfluss der Klimavariablen Temperatur, Niederschlag und Sonneneinstrahlung 1998
Aat Pisanwanich


Thailand A Policy Simulation Model of the World Natural Rubber Market: An Econometric Approach for Thailand 1998
Ottowitz Taciana Valio Brazil Verbraucherverhalten bei fair gehandelten Kaffee 1997
Punitha (Narayanasamay) Cloud India Poverty and Food Security of Small Farm Households in South India: Impact of Various Policy Instruments 1997