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Justus Liebig University - Institute for Soil Science and Soil Conservation

The methods provided by the partner JLUISS (within the project dehalogenation reactions investigation of the catalytic potential of Pd nano-catalysts and Pd/Fe hybrids with persistent organic pollutants) comprise techniques in analytical chemistry (HS-SPME-GC-MS, XRD, GC-MS, IR-GC-MS, HPLC, HPLC-MS, AAS, ICP-OES, ICP-MS) and are applied for the examination of the Pd-mediated catalysis of dehalogenation reactions.

Prof. Dr. Rolf-Alexander Düring

Rolf-Alexander Düring


Tel: +49-(0)641-99-37354









  • 1985-1990: Study of Agricultural Science, Department of Environmental Engineering, University of Bonn, University of Giessen, Germany 
  • 1996: Doctoral Thesis "Contributions to the behavior of selected herbicides and some of their metabolites in differentiated arable soils" (Institute of Phytopathology and Applied Zoology, Biological and Biotechnical Plant Protection). 
  • 2003: Habilitation "Agricultural use of organic municipal waste in the context of sustainable soil and consumer protection" 
  • 2003: venia legendi "Resource Management and Environmental Chemistry" and appointment as Lecturer
Research     Pollutant behavior in soils, distribution of nonylphenol and its isomers in various environmental media, environmental chemicals (pharmaceuticals, endocrine disruptors) in the environment, development of micro methods (MAE, SPME) in the analysis of organic residues


Leonard Böhm

Leonard Böhm


  • 2004-2008: Bachelor Agricultural Science and Environmental Management, JLU Giessen, Bachelor thesis: Analytical determination of KDOC of polycyclic musks. 
  • 2008-2011 Master's program in Environmental and Resource Management, JLU: Master Thesis "Analytical suitability of SPME to test for bioconcentration"
  • since 03/2011 Doctoral student at the Institute of Soil Science and Soil Conservation
  • Ph.D. student within the project NanoPOP, research associate
  • Organic pollutants - sorption, remobilization and bioavailability in soils, sediments and waters 
  • Method development - solid phase micro extraction (SPME), GC-MS

Marlene Schatz

Marlene Schatz

marlene.r.schatz (at)

  • 2007-2010: Bachelor's program in Environmental Management, JLU Giessen, Bachelor thesis: "The formation of biological soil crusts after mechanical disturbance along a precipitation gradient in the Negev, Israel"
  • 2010-2014: Master's program in Environmental and Resource Management, JLU: Master Thesis: "Petroleum hydrocarbon contamination of soils in urban Accra, Ghana" 
  • since 01/2011: Student assistant at the Institute of Soil Science and Soil Conservation


Research Center for BioSystems, Land Use, and Nutrition (IFZ) 

Institute of Soil Science and Soil Conservation

Heinrich‐Buff‐Ring 26‐32

35392 Gießen