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Addressbook Converter

See also: Dawn Address Converter.
Please export addressbook to a text file .

If your browser supports file upload, enter the file name for upload here

or paste the file contents into this text area:

Use addressbook of: and  convert to:


To create addressbook text file from

Addressbook => Export book to text file (Mark all addresses first)
Netscape 4:  
Communicator => Adress book => File => Save as
Netscape 3:
Window => Adress book => File => Save as
usually the addressbook is the file .addressbook in user's home directory

To use the converted address book, save it first to disk, then import it to an address book.
The addressbook for Netscape 3 can be imported by Netscape 4 also.

To import to

Open an addressbook.
Use addressbook => import
Netscape 4:
the name of converted address book must end with .ldif (eg cbook.ldif).
Netscape 3:
the name of converted address book must end with .htm (eg cbook.htm).
append the converted file to your addressbook (.addressbook). Save .addressbook first!

Beware: While saving the file, the browser tends to add a suffix .htm in addition to the suffix you specify.
Sometimes it helps to enter the filename as
in order to create the filename test.ldif (without the trailing dot).
You  may have to correct the filename after saving, using for instance Windows Explorer.
Depending on your settings you may not see the additional ending in Windows Explorer. Go on changing the filename anyhow!

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