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Graduate Education

Institutions of the structured graduate education at JLU

Gießener Graduiertenzentrum Kulturwissenschaften (GGK) / International Graduate Center for the Study of Culture (GCSC)

For several years the university has placed particular emphasis on doctorate education through corresponding reforms.  In accordance with the research profile of Justus Liebig University (JLU) with focus on cultural studies and the arts, the Giessen Graduate Center for Cultural Studies (Gießener Graduiertenzentrum Kulturwissenschaften, or GGK)  was established in 2001, a unique project in Germany in this form, which follows the example of international graduate schools.  On the foundation of the GGK, the International Graduate Center for the Study of Culture (GCSC) was established in the autumn of 2006 within the scope of the excellence initiative.

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International Giessen Graduate Center for Life Sciences / Graduiertenzentrum Lebenswissenschaften (GGL)

In another central development area of the university, the International Giessen Graduate Center for Life Sciences/das Graduiertenzentrum Lebenswissenschaften (GGL) is working. In the future the GGL will coordinate the structured graduate education for the five life science faculties of JLU as well as for the Max Planck Institute in Bad Nauheim.

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Giessen Graduate School for Social Sciences, Business, Economics, and Law (GGS)

The Giessen Graduate School for Social Studies, Business, Economics, and Law (GGS), founded in April 2012, is a joint facility of Faculties 01-03.  The GGS expands doctoral education via transdisciplinary colloquia, workshops, and seminars in both general and specialized fields. It sees itself as a platform for networking doctoral students from all participating faculties and for identifying common research interests.

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International Doctorate Program for Literary and Cultural Studies / International Promotionsprogramm Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaften (IPP) 

For the winter semester 2002/2003 at the JLU, an international doctorate study program, "Literary and Cultural Studies" was established, funded by the DAAD for the program "Getting a Doctorate at German Universities" (PHD for short).  This innovative course of studies, which begins each year in the winter semester, offers a clearly structured, research-intensive three-year doctorate program of high scientific quality.  The goal of the program consists of an increase in the quality and a decrease in the duration of the doctoral studies.  The course of study lets the participant complete his/her doctorate within three years in a stimulating, research-oriented environment and thereby obtain academic and practice-oriented additional qualifications.

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European PhD Network "Literary and Cultural Studies"

Together with the Finnish Graduate School for Literary Studies in Helsinki and the doctorate programs for literary studies at universities in Stockholm, Bergamo, and Lisbon, the Giessen Graduate Center for Culture Studies (GGK) established a European network in the field of doctorate education in literature, which lets foreign doctoral students receive a binational doctorate within three years.  For the PhDnet, twelve doctoral students will be offered the possibility of getting a binational doctorate with international guidance and research opportunities or even a Cotutelle process.  The PhDnet is sponsored by the DAAD.

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PhD Program of the Faculties of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

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PriMa - the Graduate Program in Materials Research

PriMa is the Structured Graduate Program in Materials Research. It was created as part of the Hessian Structured Study Program and is being further developed as part of the Center for Materials Research (ZfM/LaMa).

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Cooperative Doctoral Platform

Cooperative doctorates at the Research Campus of Central Hessen are supervised jointly by at least two people belonging to different universities of the Research Campus. For this, the Research Campus has a Cooperative Doctoral Platform.

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