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CRC/Transregio 138 - Dynamics of Security

Collaborative Research Center / Transregional 138: Dynamics of security. Types of securitization from an historic perspective

Duration: 2014 - 2021

Prof. Dr. Horst Carl
Historical Institute, Early Modern Times
Justus Liebig University Giessen
Otto-Behaghel-Str. 10C
35394 Giessen


Short Description:

Researchers from both the University of Marburg and University of Giessen as well as the Herder Institute of Historical Eastern European Research will be devoting themselves in CRC/TRR 138 to the topic "Dynamics of security. Types of securitization from a historic perspective" starting in 2014. They will be investigating how ideas of security have been developed throughout history and how these got into the political process. Here it is about portraying the creation of security - interdependent processes whose relationship in historically varying dynamics will be researched. The SFB/TRR conceptually names these dynamic processes securitization.


As a result, the CRC/TRR will take up political science rsearch approaches, concretely the model of securitization of the Copenhagen School of International Relationships, and develop these further from an historic perspective. In this way for the first time, the research group will carry out a comprehensive analysis of political dynamics, with which securitization processes or their opposing de-securitization processes are connected – including their ambivalences and dialectics.


There is no underlying statistical understanding of security available to the CRC/TRR for this. Moreover security, seen historically as a changeable and varying process, will be seen as a societal construct, the object of competing interpretations and interests, which therefore is only understandable historically, as with other basic concepts of value in sociopolitical language. From this approach one can conclude that the analysis of the research group does not focus on a time period within the context of security research primarily during modern times but also covers several epochs, examines them, and if need be resolves them. The goal of the joint, interdisciplinary research of CRC/TRR 138 is initially to become an instrument of analysis and finally at the end of the 12-year funding period to attain a complete typology of the dynamics of security throughout history.