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International Conference- Natural Resource Use in Central Asia: Institutional Challenges and the Contribution of Capacity Building

Natural resources, especially water and arable land, are essential means of livelihood in Central Asia. Their availability is however limited and access to them is constrained and prone to further external and internal influences such as climate change, unsustainable land use policies, and volatile economic developments. The increasing scarcity of resources and conflicting forms of resource use endanger the welfare of the people in the region and hold potential to lead to political tensions. The International Conference and the affiliated Young Researchers’ Forum discuss the situation of natural resources in Central Asia focusing on the aspect of conservation versus economic development, institutional challenges, and the contribution of research and education cooperation in this field.
Wann 01.10.2013
von 10:00 bis 20:00
Wo Zeughaus (Lecture Hall); Senckenbergstr. 3 , 35390 Giessen
Teilnehmer Persons affiliated to the programmes of LUCA and CliNCA as well as invited external guests and young researchers.
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The Center for international development and environmental research (ZEU) at Giessen University organises an international conference including a Young Researchers' Forum dedicated to the topic of natural resource use in Central Asia.

The event is organized in the framework of two multidisciplinary programmes carried out by ZEU with partners in Central Asia: "Land use, ecosystem services and human welfare in Central Asia (LUCA)" and "Climate Change Network for Central Asia (CliNCA)". Both programmes are going to be completed in a few months. This event is, therefore, an occasion to present results (especially to let the young researchers speak!), to take stock of what has been achieved, and to discuss effective research collaboration and capacity building in the future with the countries of Central Asia.

The number of participants is limited. If you are not a member of LUCA or CliNCA programme but interested in participation, please, contact us by email.

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