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BAK - BundesArbeitsKreis der EU-Referent/innen an Hochschulen in Deutschland

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About Us

Our work as EU funding advisors

The basis of our work is advising researchers in colleges and universities as they apply for and conduct their EU projects. Through daily contact with European research projects, we have detailed practical and subject matter expertise, which we offer to the researchers. Our advisory assistance begins with the first strategic deliberations and includes the complete cycle of an EU project.

Our goals

Our goal is to raise the percentage of participation in European research projects at the colleges and universities. We want to simplify access to European projects for them and thereby help more strongly establish the topic of the Europification of research amongst collegiate leadership.

BAK - strengthening and professionalizing EU guidance

The BAK was founded in 1995 with the goal of strengthening EU counsultation structures and further professionalizing our work as EU funding advisors. Across the BAK network, we exchange information and experiences, discuss problems, and find university-specific solution methods. As disseminators we pass on our knowledge to the collegiate leadership, to the academic fields, to the administration, and to our cooperation partners.

Members and collaboration

The BAK consists of up to two representatives from each of the 16 Federal States. It is led by a chosen speaker team of three people. The members meet twice a year at BAK meetings, work together in internal working groups (currently "Project Management" and "Law"), and are closely networked via email. We consistently exchange ideas with our cooperation partners via joint events and regular dialogue. Additionally, we provide expert input in consultation processes due to our practically oriented work with EU projects.


Picture credits: JLU Press Office / Sara Strüßmann