Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

NMUN Team 2023

From February 27 to March 2, a four-day excursion to Berlin took place as part of the preparation for the National Model United Nations (NMUN) conference in New York. You can Read about it here, and have even more pictures available here.

Let us introduce our MUN 2022/23 delegation from JLU Gießen! With 20 delegates we will represent Türkiye at NMUM New York in April 2023. We are delighted to send our biggest MUN delegation yet to a NMUN New York. Compared to last year, the size of our delegation has quintupled! 
As a preparation we have already participated in our very own GiMUN 2022 in September and SiegMUN 2022 in November. Some of us will also participate at MainMUN in March 2023. 
We look forward to dive deep into Turkish foreign and national politics over the next months. We have already talked to experts to extend our knowledge and there will follow more lectures, where all of you are welcome to join (either via MS Teams or in person at JLU) so that you can benefit from our learning process as well!
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Faculty Advisors

      Vera Strobel (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin: PhD Reseach Assistant

       Sannimari Veini (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin; PhD Research Assistant)

We are Vera and Sannimari, the faculty advisors of our NMUN 2023 delegation! 
Vera was already a faculty advisor for the NMUN delegation 2022 and participated at Havard WorldMUN as a student from 2015-2017. She is now the chairwoman of GiMUN e.V. and a PhD researcher at the Chair for public law and international law of Prof. Dr. Thilo Marauhn writing on her PhD on strategic litigation as an instrument for enforcing IHL. 
This year, Sannimari has joined Vera as a faculty advisor. She is an international researcher from Finland working on her PhD regarding the legal framework of chemical weapons. Sannimari has already gained MUN experience with the Finnish MUN association. At the Chair of Prof. Dr. Thilo Marauhn she is also coordinator of the summer and winter law schools.
We are happy to introduce to you the MUN delegation 2022/23 and are looking forward to work with such an active, qualified and motivated group of delegates!


Head Delegates




Christina Bähr

(NMUN 2022 Participant)


We all study law at JLU specializing in European Law, Public International Law and German Public Law with a focus on German Constitutionalism. Mohamad is in his 7th and Lina and Chrissi in their 9th semester and we are all preparing for the first state examination.


Lina Kost 

(NMUN 2022 Participant)


It’s been one and a half years since we started with MUN and it has been an amazing journey. The first conference we attended was SiegMUN 2021, which was followed by NMUN 2022 in New York.
These conferences inspired us to organize our very own GiMUN in September 2022, where we chaired a GA crisis session. 


Mohamad Taissir Rashid

(NMUN 2022 Participant)

We gained a lot of knowledge about the UN, how to give speeches and how hard it can be to find compromises through these events. This helps us to understand current global events and policy making. We are very happy to be part of the 2022/23 delegation and hope we can share what we have learned last year and support our delegates in every way.




 Shaeel Ali  (Law Student) 

I am Shaeel Ali, 22 years old and studying law in my 9th semester at JLU. In today's world, which is becoming more and more globalized, but also more complicated, communication is one of the most important skills to have and to use. To further develop this skill and to discover new perspectives about global problems, I applied for NMUN. I think that many problems in the world can be solved with proper communication, instead of accusations and finger pointing, if there is a willingness to do so. It is a fact that people are different by nature and therefore have different opinions, thus it is very important to stay rational, polite and eloquent even if sensitive topics are discussed; Just like Imam Ali (ع) said: “One group will think as you do, but another will not think as you think, and there will be still another group who will be neither this way nor that way. Therefore, be patient until the people quieten down and hearts settle in their places so that rights can be achieved for people easily.” 
I look forward to represent the delegation of Türkiye at NMUN along with our amazing team from JLU

 Maren Arabin  (Law Student, focus area European and international law) 

My name is Maren, 26. I'm a law student at the JLU, focusing on European and International law. I am very interested in international relations, politics and economics. This year I attended the GiMUN and really enjoyed discussing, debating, writing resolutions and trying to find solutions for global issues.  Therefore, I am excited to represent Turkey in the UNESCO at NMUN together with my co-delegate and the entire team.  

 Johanna Henrieke Banse-Reccius  (Law Student, focus area European and international law)  

I’m Johanna Henrieke Banse-Reccius, 22 years old and a law student in the seventh semester at the JLU, with a focus on European and International Law. Discussing sensitive topics, like global issues and different cultural aspects, with people who have completely opposite views to understand our society better is something I greatly enjoy. Outside of my studies at university, I like to travel as much as I can not only to improve my language skills, but also to exlplore all the wonderful things our international community has to offer. I am looking forward to represent Turkiye at NMUN in April with my Co-Delegate and the whole team as we will try to do our very best.

 Clara Bühring-Uhle  (Transformation Management Student)

I am Clara, 25, studying Transition Management M.Sc. at JLU, focusing on sustainability, world’s food security and gender equality. This year I attended MainMUN  for the first time and enjoyed the experience of debating about International Politics. I am very much looking forward to participating at NMUN in New York next year and representing together with my co-delegate Turkey in the IAEA. 

 David Geßner  (Law Student, focus area European and international law)  

I’m David Geßner, 23 years old and a 9th semester law student at JLU. Last semester, I finished my focus studies in EU-Law and Public International Law. I follow political and economical topics, especially at an international level, with great interest, so applying for the NMUN program was the logical consequence of that. GiMUN was my first experience of that kind and representing the United Arab Emirates there was already an interesting challenge. MUN conferences help to understand the practical functioning of the United Nations and international organizations in general and learn about diplomatic work. I’m looking forward to further enhance my knowledge as delegate in the GA2 for Turkey in New York. 

Sophia Gromer (Law Student)

I'm Sophia, a 2nd-year law student at JLU. International law and international criminal law are subject areas in which I am particularly interested. Attending NMUN provides me with a challenge and an opportunity to learn more about international relations and politics. My first MUN was GiMUN, where I gained much experience from discussing and debating with my co-delegates. 

 Selin Hatay  (Law Student)

My name is Selin Hatay, I am 22 years old and I am studying law in the 5th semester. I find the interaction between law and politics very interesting especially at an international level. Being part of the MUN delegation allows me to experience international politics up close and immerse myself in the world of diplomacy. The GiMUN was my first MUN and I represented the Delegation of the UK and Northern Ireland. I really liked putting myself in the role of such an important country and representing its interests. What I liked most about GiMUN however was looking for and finally finding a solution together even though every country had different opinions. 

 Jonas Hinkel  (History Student) 

My name is Jonas Hinkel, I'm 24 years old and I'm studying History and German with a focus on Literature. Being in my 5th semester, I'm glad I found out about MUN before leaving the JLU, because this program combines my love for discussion and my interest in politics with the opportunity to improve necessary soft skills like writing and holding a speech. Participating at GiMUN was a great experience and made me even more sure of my decision to take part in this program. 

 Jannis Jansen  (History Student)

My name is Jannis Jansen and I‘m studying history M.A. focusing on newer history at the Justus-Liebig University. I‘m very interested in politics, economics and foreign policies. I work in public administration and I think the connection between politics, administration and diplomacy very attractive. I attend the GiMUN as my very first MUN. I enjoyed holding and listening to speeches in formal sessions but also the discussion in informal session to find solutions as a group of different nations with different intentions. I‘d like to improve soft skills like writing and holding speeches in English and writing solutions.  

 Hannah Kelly  (Law Student, focus area European and international law) 

My name is Hannah Kelly, and I am 22 years old. I'm a law student focusing on European and Public International Law. I enjoy discussing global issues and exploring ideas of different cultures as I am of dual nationality and spent the first half of 2022 studying in Norway. GiMUN reminded me of my beloved debates in politics class, and now I´m excited as can be about representing Türkiye in the UNESCO at NMUN with my lovely co-delegate and our brilliant team! 

 Lea Kelm  (Architecture Student)

Hi my name is Lea Amelie Kelm, an architecture student and student assistant
In my free time I am active in my local community’s youth organization and I volunteer for creative projects aiming at enhancing and preserving public spaces. At NMUN my partner and I are representing the Republic of Türkiye in the United Nations High Committee for Refugees.
My reasons for participating at Model United Nations mainly revolve around the simulation’s characteristics it almost unnoticeably ties into a single and rather entertaining business game.
Namely: the process of acquiring relevant knowledge about various countries' political structures and how they developed, gaining insight on how international organizations work, practicing communication skills and persuasion techniques, strategizing, and quickly reacting to unexpected situations in a verbal manner

 Daniel Krutsch  (Law Student)

My name is Daniel Krutsch, I am 20 years old and a law student at JLU.  
Studying law helps me understand state structures and combined with the experience I gather at the Model United Nations Conferences I get a first glance at grasping diplomatic work. The GiMUN was my first ever MUN experience and participating as a Delegate for Kenya was a challenge that made me gain an insight in international relations and politics. 
I am looking forward to represent the Delegation of the Republic of Türkiye at the NMUN with my co-delegate in the General Assembly 3 to discuss global issues at a broader level.  

 Liam Lueders  (Law Student)

I’m Liam Lüders, a Law Student at JLU Giessen in Germany, currently in the midst of my second year. I chose law for the opportunity’s it provides, to understand more about state craftsmanship, international cooperation and the lawful basis they rest upon.  
Model United Nations is a great opportunity for anyone to understand and gain an introduction to the United Nations and International politics. I applied because of my interests in international relations and other cultures and look onto the future with great excitement, especially after our local GiMUN. 
Love for cultures, music as well as films and languages have followed me for a majority of my 19 yearlong life and are still today one of the many joys in it. 

 Fabian Mirold-Stroh  (Politics Student)

I'm Fabian Mirold-Stroh, 26 years old and a student of vocational education, focusing on politics, economics and mechanical engineering, at the Justus-Liebig-University and the Technical University (THM) in Gießen. Furthermore, I am active in an honorary political position as a parliamentarian in the Gießen city council. My main area of focus is climate protection and therefore the necessary sustainability transition of our economy and society.  I'm interested in MUN to better understand the efforts to solve crises in the United Nations as well as the difficulties involved. This might concern ecological challenges like the climate crisis or international security issues like the war in Ukraine, as discussed in the GiMUN in September 2022. Therefore, I'm looking forward to representing the delegation of the Republic of Türkiye in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at NMUN. 

 Emily Mörler (Children Education Student)

My name is Emily, 22 years old and I study Kindheitspädagogik at JLU. When I first heard about MUN I was still in school and, even though interested, I was too scared to participate because, as usual for MUN, the conference was held in English. However, since then I have participated in a couple of MUNs, my favorite one so far being BarMUN 2021, a conference held in Boston, and I can say that my experience has only ever been positive. Participants are generally very nice and understanding if you do happen to forget the translation of a word and I can say that I very much enjoy debating different topics, even though the MUN working language is English.  

 Isabel Reukauf (Medicine Student)

My name is Isabel Reukauf. Human Medicine Student; Additional focus on Global Health 
Our political beliefs are based on our sociocultural background as well as our individual values and morality. Participating at the MUN means to me being forced to widen my own perspectives and trying to differentiate between my own socialized values and realistic international driving forces in politics.  
Starting my MUN experiences with the GiMUN as the delegation of Ghana, the switch into the role of a diplomat to present a foreign country really made me nervous. But being able to practice international politics as a simulation in a safe space was a really great experience I’ll often look back to.