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Female power: first meet & greet of 3F network

Where female brainpower meets empowerment: the 3F 'Frauen für Frauen' Network held its first Meet & Greet event on June 11, 2022 organized by Luisa Kiotzenoglou.

"Thank you to all the members who made this a unique opportunity to learn, discuss and network. Extra special thanks to Caroline Heide and Lisa Marie Barenfeld for travelling all the way from Berlin to share their insights on 'The Metaverse and Its Ethical Dimension' - the highlight of this get-together. We greatly appreciate the support of Prof. Dr. Corinna Ewelt-Knauer, who granted us access to university premises", said Luisa Kiotzenoglou.


The 3F is a network of current and former female students of the faculty of economics and business studies. All women who are interestend in joining the network as mentees are welcome. Please contact Luisa Kiotzenoglou via


Meet & greet of the women network 3F