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ECM: Einladung zur exklusiven unicon-Konferenz vom 18.01-21.01.2019 in Berlin!

unicon connects 99 tech focused students from top-tier universities in Berlin to network, learn and pitch. Besides keynotes and workshops that are held by renowned tech speakers, there will also be a group challenge and an awesome afterparty.

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Unicon was founded one year ago, in October 2017, by seven people who lived, studied and went to many conferences together – which was us, the founding team that you can see below. After having discussed the idea of organizing a student led tech conference and having decided that it was a good one, we spent the following months working on a concept for the event we had in our minds, reaching out to potential speakers and supporters, finding a location, talking to catering companies and and and … here we are, one year later, planning the second edition of unicon.


  • Want to join the conference full of speakers, workshops and networking activities?

1. Application

The first step of joining the conference is the application! Please fill out the form below and submit your application by December 31st. Keep in mind that we will already start inviting attendees before the deadline has expired, so applying early is recommended!
To be able to apply, you have to be at least 18 years old and you have to be an enrolled student.


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2. Selection

After having received your application, it will be reviewed by our team and you will get notified about the next steps as soon as a decision is made.
Our goal is to invite a group of students that is diverse in expertise, personality, gender, nationality and interest, so that we can broaden our horizons and learn from one another.


3. Invitation

The 99 selected participants will get an e-mail latest at January 6th, 2019, with instructions on how to buy the ticket. You will also be asked to pay 20€ for your ticket, so that we have guarantee that everyone who signs up will attend. If you want to join the event, but cannot afford to pay for it, please get in touch with us and we will try to make it work somehow.