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Master-Seminar "The Economics of Cybersecurity", Sommersemester 2020

Master seminar: „The Economics of Cybersecurity“, summer term 2020


Seminar content and purpose


In the master seminar “The economics of cybersecurity“, we will take a microeconomic perspective on cybersecurity addressing issues like network externalities and asymmetric information and will discuss the economic impact, in particular on companies.

The seminar builds on research papers with microeconomic and / or empirical focus.

Main purpose of the seminar is to let students present research papers on the economic perspective of cybersecurity and inspire their own research in this area.


Each student is required to

-          write a seminar paper of 10 to 15 pages,

-          present his or her own paper during the block seminar, and

-          participate in the general discussion during the block seminar.



Participants will benefit from prior completion of courses in industrial economics and econometrics.


Seminar organisation:

-          seminar language will be English

-          the seminar will be held as a block seminar

  • obligatory kick-off meeting (introduction, allocation of topics): 23. April 12:15 – 13:45, the meeting will be digital; Participants will be contaced via E-Mail.
  • presentation of research papers (presentation and discussion): date and time will be specified soon


Further information will be provided in StudIP.


Requirements for seminar admission:

- please send a current transcript of records (“FlexNow-Auszug”) with the subject line „master seminar summer 2020“ via email to  and