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Summer School 2022

Module description


  • UWM-Professor: Prof. Sunwoong Kim, PhD "Education and Human Resource Policy in the Global Economy"
  • Monday, 6-8pm
  • Tuesday, 5-7pm

With the expansion of knowledge economy worldwide, education and human capital is recognized as one of the most important parts of economic growth. In this course, we examine critical public policy issues regarding education and human resource policy from a global and comparative perspective. We first start the importance of the role of education to society as well as to individuals. We examine economic benefits of education and related side effects such as diploma disease, credentialism, and unemployment of highly educated young people. As most of the governments around the world spends substantial amount of public resource in education, we will study public school systems closely. Various issues related to public school system such as financing, governance structure, and allocation of resources will be discussed. Finally, we examine the emerging issue of internationalization of higher education such as brain drain, certification of foreign credits or diplomas, and global competition among universities.


  • JLU-Professor: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Meckl "Economic Growth and Long-Run Human Development"
  • Block events on June, 3 and 4 (10am-4pm)
  • Block events on June, 29 and 30 (10am-4pm)




Responsible for module

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Meckl

Teaching period

23.05.22 – 01.07.22

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