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Bannier, Christina & Milena Schwarz 2018, Gender- and education-related effects of financial sophistication on wealth accumulation - Evidence from heteroscedasticity-based instruments

This study examines the effects of actual and perceived financial sophistication (i.e., financial
literacy and confidence) on wealth accumulation, considering gender and education as moderators.

Published in Journal of Economic Psychology , forthcoming

Ewelt-Knauer, Corinna, D. Gefken, Thorsten Knauer & D. Wiedemann 2018, Acquirers' Cultural Background and the Use of Earnouts

This study investigates the influence of cultural characteristics on the implementation of Earnouts in M&A-deals.

Published in Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance , forthcoming

Meyll, Tobias & Andreas Walter 2018, Tapping and Waving to Debt: Mobile Payments and Credit Card Behavior

This study analyzes the influence of recent economical developements on the academic economic research.

Published in Finance Research Letters , forthcoming

Meyll, Tobias & Thomas Pauls 2018, The gender gap in over-indebtedness

This study documents a significant gender gap in over-indebtedness, as the authors find women to be less likely to become over-indebted even after controlling for risk attitude, financial literacy and socio-demographic characteristics. However, once loan purposes are accounted for, the gender gap diminishes.

Published in Finance Research Letters , forthcoming

Schedlinsky, Sommer & Wöhrmann 2017, Influencing Risk Taking in Competitive Environments: An Experimental Analysis

This paper examines the influence of the risk-sensitizing code of conduct and justification, two of the most common competitive compensation systems, on employee risk taking.

Published in Journal of Risk Finance , forthcoming

Stolper, Oscar A., & Andreas Walter 2018, Birds of a Feather: The Impact of Homophily on the Propensity to Follow Financial Advice

The study investigates the influence of homophily - individuals’ affinity for others like them - on the likelihood of following financial advice.

Published in Review of Financial Studies , forthcoming