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Florentine Schoog

Florentine Schoog

Ph.D. Researcher at the International Graduate Center for the Study of Culture (GCSC)



Florentine Schoog

Project title: Documenting ecological futures. Narratives and governmentality around the Climate Crisis in documentary film (working title)


Abstract: Climate change and related phenomena of the so-called Anthropocene undoubtedly represent a contemporary societal challenge, a material reality, and a multi-layered transformation. The intensifying debates catalyze the discursive negotiation of knowledge as well as the (re)production of narratives and interpretative frames about the present and future, about categories such as nature and humanity, as well as about social hegemonies. My research project investigates the form and role of documentary film in this social as well as material field of tension. As a popular medium at the intersection of i. a. journalism, education, entertainment, and art, documentary films often appear as vehicles for enlightenment and documentation, conveying diagnoses of contemporary society and outlooks into the future. I deploy a narratological discourse-theoretical epistemology to analyze documentaries on climate change, anthropogenically-caused environmental crises, and the Anthropocene in terms of their narratives and governmental strategies for rendering the earth and biopolitical entities governable in long-term crisis mode. Thereby, I focus on both the intra-discursive segment of the documentaries and their critical embedding in the overarching climate discourse in the context of structural social inequalities.


Teaching: Undergraduate Seminar: Sociological Concepts of Normality and Deviance. Winter term 2018/19 Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg.