Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Soundtrack as a flow of informations

16-22. Juli 2012
Innerhalb von meiner Kooperation mit dem Zwischenraum, in Zusammenarbeit mit der Choreographin Renata Piotrowska (ex.c.e.r.ce MA, Montpellier) bieten wir workshops an:

„Soundtrack as a flow of informations“

About residency:
I’m interested in working with a type of audioguide with recorded soundtracks as source of informations to be executed by the body. I’m searching for different structures for giving and receiving the informations. In this moment of my work soundtrack includes verbal descriptions of movements, thoughts and music. My aim is to try to be with the soundtrack, to immerse with it rather then to refuse and create oppositions.

About workshop:
I would like to share my research described above with the participants of the workshop and look together for a ways to present it to the public (to make the work visible). I propose that we will follow the questions: What identity we would gain if we would try to fuse completly with given informations and thoughts? And then, how we could share this experience with the audience? What would be the tools in this particular research to find the balance between performer’s experience, representation of the experience and reception of audience?

Possible theoretical refferences: „What is an Apparatus?“ by Giorgio Agamben and „Emancipated Spectator“ by Jacques Ranciere – if possible, please read it before the workshop starts.


von Nora Borodziej (ATW), Renata Piotrowska (ex.c.e.r.ce MA, Montpellier)

Bisherige Aufführungen

  • 16.7.2012, exkurs zwischenraum, Bahnhofstraße 44, Gießen