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Gast: Heath Bunting

As activists and artists we are interested in identity in the context of nationalism, refugee rights and heteronormativity. With performance, pretention and queering we try to bend reality and shift perspectives but when our various identities are confronted with official institutions the fun stops. States and corporations construct our artificial persons (or avatars) and our power to change them is restricted.

With Heath Bunting ( we will talk about this construction and how we can interfere in it. He will share his knowledge of the networks of human beings, natural persons and artificial persons (or corporations) and where there are junctions we can manipulate.

Konzept: Operation schwarz-roter August


von DISKURS'14 – on young performing arts 


Bisherige Aufführungen

  • 9.11.2014, Sitzungssaal im Rathaus, Berliner Platz 1, Gießen