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Guest: Tuija Kokkonen, Stephen Bottoms
Concept: Jan-Tage Kühling

„Political Ecology“ according to the works of Bruno Latour does not directly refer to a practise of ecologist actions, but rather a conceptual opening of the political space for non-human processes. The notions of „culture“ and „nature“ are radically questioned in order to examine both the political impact of this division as well as possibilities of its abolition.

What effect can political ecology have on artistic practise? How can we think the frame/ the space of theatre/ performace that has opened up for non-human entities? How can this affect our thinking of the fundaments of art itself?

Together with Tuija Kokkonen and Stephen Bottoms we want to tackle those questions.
Tuija Kokkonen from the theatre academy in Helsinki deals in her works with questions of temporality in relation with/ to non-human actors. At DISKURS she will give an introduction to her artistic and theoretical work. Afterwards she will propose a workshop where the participants themselves will as artists and researchers create and examine performances in the expanded collective of human/ non-human actors.

Professor Stephen Bottoms teaches at Manchester University and will talk about his research on site-specific performance from the perspective of environmental change. The relation to „environment“ in this case directly changed his approach to his (practise-as) research activities – we will thus discuss in how far a thinking of ecology undermines our notions of „performance“.

7/12 €
Please dress warmly, we will be outside!

von DISKURS'14 – on young performing arts 


Bisherige Aufführungen

  • 7.12.2014, Gießen
  • 7.12.2014, Probebühne 1, Phil II, Karl-Glöckner-Str. 21A, Gießen