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Boards>>Dark Souls>> Crying...squids?
_krat0s_ 23. May 2012

>>Im in dukes prison...
Killed all the squid things in the bottom to see if I can grab some humanities...
But theres two in the back that struck me oddly, I walked up.... And they’re crying
I feel bad :( anyone know why theyre crying? Seems so bizarre... Poor lil guys

CASCADE is a hideout place on stage - a greenhouse for a dance that’s moving around ever so slowly without going anywhere in particular. It’s like a plant that’s using our perception for photosynthesis. The images are constantly growing and decaying in front of us but nothing ever really changes in this choreographic arboretum unless we want it to. If we look long enough things will get blurry or maybe the light is just fading out (again). In this choreography is turning into a camouflage, exploiting the vulnerability of our visual perception and at the same time uncovering something else that we didn’t see before.


von Emmilou Rößling, Johannes van Bebber, Filomena Krause, Marie Meyer, Niels Wehr (Tom Engels & Teresa Schönherr ) 


Bisherige Aufführungen

  • 28.6.2017, Abschlussprojekt , Probebühne 1
  • 29.9.2017, Abschlussprojekt , Künstlerhaus Mousonturm FFM
  • 30.9.2017, Abschlussprojekt , Künstlerhaus Mousonturm FFM