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Pigeon 3

Pigeon celebrates the possibility of something. It´s a series and it consists of two parts: Interfacing fiction and reality of a collective emergence of bodies, a speaking screen is talking you through the first part. The second part is ever-changing - it made a fusion of pigeon egg and punching bag filled with softness in the first edition and a giant slide that flooded the space with pink lubricant in the second edition. See what this automaton for the praise of fluidity brings next.


von Text and Concept: Frida Laux / Video: Julia Novacek / Artistic Response Pigeon 3: Jack Chosef / Artistic Collaboration Pigeon 2: Ana Dubljevic, Ruth Schmidt, Julia Novacek, Rahel Barra / Undefined Entanglements Pigeon 1: Zuzana Zabkova, René Alejandro Huari, Carolina Mendonça, Günther Baumann. 


Bisherige Aufführungen

  • 3.6.2017, probebühne 2