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Dancer in the Dark

„In the dark times of neoliberalism and rising neofascism – what else is there left (to dance)?“

„Dancer In The Dark“ is a second performance of trilogy „swan song dances“, first part „TEKHNE“ premiered at „Baltoscandal“ festival 2020. „Dancer In the Dark“ is a performance which weaves together text and dance and storytellingdance&dancestorytelling. Its a performance series which oscillates between deeply personal, mythical and political. If the banal and the daily can no longer (where they ever?) be left outside of the rehearsel stage (maybe now more than ever?) – choreographer askes herself what is she willing to „stage“ at these troubling times. Is she even willing to „stage“ anything anymore? Lets see.
Or maybe not.


Idea, Choreography, text: Sveta Grigorjeva
Dramaturg: Kerli Ever
Composer: Martin Kirsiste
Light: Thomas Rösener
Scenography: Johanne Schröder


  • Performance, Radio play / Audio work, Dance
  • Premiere
  • Abschlussstück



4.07, Georg-Büchner-Saal