Inhaltspezifische Aktionen


In 1931, two years before Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany, Carl Zuckmayer wrote the play Der Hauptmann von Köpenick, criticizing German militarism and authoritarianism. But in 1925 – when the NDSAP was re-founded, Hitler published his manifesto Mein Kampf and started to form a new movement that would later bring him to power – Zuckmayer premiered with Der fröhliche Weinberg a rough and light soap opera about intrigues and drunken love affairs in a farmers family. 

Ragni Halle, Jakob Schnack Krog, Gregers Krogsleiven-Hansen and Simon Zeller take the play Der Fröhliche Weinberg as a starting point to examine on the notion of "fun" while facing the rising of new far right movements in their home countries Norway, Denmark, Poland and Germany.

Ragni Halle, Jakob Schnack Krog, Gregers Kroksleiven-Hansen & Simon Zeller

Supported by Theater Neben dem Turm Marburg and Kulturamt Giessen

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Premiere: 23.10.21, Theater Neben dem Turm Marburg, 21:00 Uhr (50min) 
Pre-Showing: 21.10.21, tba, 20:00 Uhr