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ON DISPLAY - a solo performance by Lee Mun Wai

“I, you, object, and this distance between all of us. I ask: which entity is displaying which? This distance we relate across. This distance from which we become conspicuous to one another. This attention we give one another. This ever-shifting attention we attend to while being in attendance. This attending to something together. An attendance in construction.”

MA CuP student, Lee Mun Wai, performs an exam version of his final Master Piece from 21 to 24 January 2021. Due to the ongoing strict corona regulations regarding working conditions at the university, this will be a by-invitation-only event. please email Mun Wai directly enquire about invitations to this presentation. 


Choreography, Performance: Lee Mun Wai
Dramaturgical Assistance: Jee Chan
Fabric-Thing Design: Dinu Bodiciu.
Lighting Design: Anna Rouhu
Lighting, Production Advice: Patrick Faurot

On Display is a cooperation between Lee Mun Wai, Mousonturm and the MA Choreography and Performance within the frame of the Hessian Theatre Academy (HTA).


21., 22., 23., 24.01.2021. 18.30hr. ATW Probebühne 2, Gießen


  • Performance
  • Final piece / Master performance


On Display