Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Root Proposals: A Fungus Instead of a Festival

Thursday, July 1 - Sunday, July 4

Spores fly apart. One finds a home here, and the others, there. They grow and dig and grow and dig until they find each other again beneath the oceans and streets. Root Proposals 2021 situates itself within this vast system of internet cables and roots that share nutrients and knowledge. The vestiges of colonization leave us unable to all meet in the same space and time.  A virus dictates that we cannot be a festival. So, we will be a fungus — a mycorrhiza, a network of diasporic spores, scattered about the world and germinating in the in-betweens.

After a year lying dormant in the ground, we are ready to ‘get our hands dirty.’ Following the path of Rough Proposals 2019, we dive into the soil, creating diasporic practices scattered across space and time. From June 30 to July 4, we will let our “root proposals” grow rough in the in-betweens of Gießen’s Theaterlabor, Frankfurt’s Digital Mousonturm, a living room in Isfahan, outdoors under the sun or the moon. Over these 5 days, we will experience 14 iterative works created within the scope of Gießen’s MA programme in Choreography and Performance. Each event will move across these different ecosystems—vibrant and lush, even in the dark underground. 
01. - 04. Juli, Gießen (nicht öffentlich) und Online