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tell me your searchwords

In the darkness of the blackbox, two women approach 
each other with a camera. They are watching themselves, how they touch and caress their bodies, how they 
experiment and play with different liquids. Smoldering, vibrant sounds are looming, an electric crackling 
flashes up and descends. 
"tell me your searchwords" is an exploration of two female bodies during 
masturbation, an erotic experimental short film.

a film by and with
Amélie Haller and Eva Kirsch
sound by Sara Trawöger
dramaturgical support by Maria Hube

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Porn Film Festival Vienna: 

Masturbation Porn Shorts: 08.10.21, 18–20 o'clock 
Experimental Porn Shorts: 09.10.21, 20–22 o'clock 
Female* Pleasure(s) Porn Shorts: 10.10.21, 16–18 o'clock

© Amélie Haller/Eva Kirsch