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Prof. Dra. Jacyan Castilho

(c) Prof. Dra. Jacyan Castilho
Prof. Dra. Jacyan Castilho is Associate Professor in Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ-Brazil) in Theater Directing Undergraduate Course and in two Postgraduate Programs: Dance Master Courses (UFRJ) and Performing Arts Pedagogy Professional Master Course (UNIRIO – Brazil).   She is PhD in Performing Arts (UFBA – Brazil), MA and BA in Performing Arts (UNIRIO), and dancer graduated at Angel Vianna Contemporary Dance School in Rio de Janeiro. Her MA thesis was  entitled *Art of Movement: a proposal of drama approach by Laban Movement Analysis*, in which many aspectos of LMA were considered as implements to drama studies. Her PhD thesis was entitled *Musical rhythm of theater plays: a study of rhythm and dynamics in  theater*. In Theater Undergraduate Courses she has been teaching Acting, Movement Techniques with somatic approach and Directing.


She has been an actress since 1984. She has worked in more than fifty plays in such functions as acting, dancing, directing, codirecting, ensemble training and movement design in Rio de Janeiro, São  Paulo and Salvador City - Brazil.

Author of “*Dance and Education in movement*” (Ed. Summus, Rio de Janeiro 2003/2009) and “*Rhythm and dynamics in theater*” (Ed. Perspectiva, São Paulo, 2013), beyond a dozen of articles and abstracts in Scientific meetings and Drama reviews.

Mrs Castilho current project is a research about dance and theater companies ways of collaborative processes in presencial or remote forms. She is supervised by Prof. Dr. Xavier Le Roy and sponsored by CAPES - Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung.