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Pidkuimukha, L. (2022). Myths and Myth-Making in Current Kremlin Propaganda. In: A. Giannakopoulos (Ed.). Politics of Memory and War From Russia to the Middle East, Research Paper No. 11. Tel Aviv University: The S. Daniel Abraham Center for International and Regional Studies, pp. 38-53.

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Accepted for publication

Kiss, N.; Pidkuimukha, L.; Kolisnyk, J. (2024). Resistance through pop culture and ideology of “Russian World”: on deconstruction in times of war. AREI. Journal for Central and Eastern European History and Politics.


In peer-review process

Pidkuimukha, L. (2025). Discursive Strategies for Representing the “Russian World” by Ukrainian Public Figures. Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict.

Pidkuimukha, L. (2025). “Without you”: the Distancing from the “Russian World” in the Statements of the Ukrainian High-ranking Officials. International Journal of the Sociology of Language