Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

13. I graduated abroad (bachelor of Psychology). Can I apply for the clinical master's programm?

There is only little chance to get access from universities abroad, because of the very strict regulations in the new Psychotherapeuten Gesetz (PsychThG, psychotherapy law) and the Psychotherapie Approbationsordnung (PsychThApprO, regularities on the study and training of psychotherapists). However, we provided a table with the required topics that have to be covered during the bachelors programm. You can find it in downloads.

in this table you and your university can check wich of the necessary aspects are covered. You have to proof, that all of the designated contend is part of your bachelor courses (add an official course description etc.).

Unfortunately we can not accept any other internships other than the specified internships: they have to be accomplished in Germany.