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Optical-technology Industry in Germany and China: a Perspective on Regional Industrial Network and Innovation


Since the 1990s, regional development, trend of globalization and localization has become the main stream in the field of economic geography. The ever increasing attention to the pattern of industrial agglomeration and its internal dynamics reflects its effects to state’s competitiveness. At the same time, the competitiveness of a state comes from the contribution of science and technology, which was paid more emphasis by the “technological school” (Storper1997, 1999). The network within the industrial agglomeration area, for production as well as for knowledge & technology diffusion and transfer are of great importance to the wellness of the targeted regional development. In hi-technology industry, which is of great significance to the improvement of regional and state competitiveness, has specific feature in network fabrication and knowledge diffusion. Based on this, there will be a description over the theoretical framework, followed by a case study in the optical-technology industry in Germany and China, which will potentially be the leading technological field that has great influence over the world economy. Through a comparison between the phenomena and institutional difference, the paper is to draw some valuable policy implications for the development of such industry in the two countries.