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Comments on Monoids Induced by NFAs

M. Holzer Comments on Monoids Induced by NFAs



März 2023
S. Beier, M. Holzer Semi-Linear Lattices and Right
One-Way Jumping Finite Automata



April 2019
M. Kutrib, T. Worsch Self-Verifying Cellular Automata Report 1803 April 2018
S. Beier, M. Holzer Properties of Right One-Way Jumping Finite Automata Report 1802 March 2018
B. Truthe Hierarchy of Subregular Language Families Report 1801 Februar 2018
M. Holzer, M. Hospodár Report 1703 Oktober 2017
M. Holzer, S. Jakobi



April 2017
S. Beier, M. Holzer, M. Kutrib On the Descriptional Complexity of
Operations on Semilinear Sets



April 2017
M. Holzer, S. Jakobi, M. Wendlandt On the Computational Complexity of Partial Word Automata Problems Report 1404 May 2014
M. Kutrib, A. Malcher, M. Wendlandt Deterministic Set Automata Report 1402 April 2014
M. Holzer, S. Jakobi Minimal and Hyper-Minimal Biautomata Report 1401 March 2014
Jarkko Kari, Martin Kutrib, Andreas Malcher 19th International Workshop on Cellular Automata and Discrete Complex Systems AUTOMATA 2013 Exploratory Papers Report 1302 September 2013
M. Holzer, S.Jakobi Minimization, Characterizations, and Nondeterminism for Biautomata Report 1301 April 2013
A. Malcher, K. Meckel, C. Mereghetti, B. Palano Descriptional Complexity of Pushdown Store Languages Report 1203 May 2012
M. Holzer, S. Jakobi On the Complexity of Rolling Block and Alice Mazes Report 1202 March 2012
M. Holzer, S. Jakobi Grid Graphs with Diagonal Edges and the Complexity of Xmas Mazes Report 1201 January 2012
H. Gruber, S. Gulan: Simplifying Regular Expresions: A Quantitative Perspective Report 0904 August 2009
M. Kutrib, A. Malcher: Cellular Automata With Sparse Communication Report 0903 May 2009
M. Holzer, A. Maletti: An n log n Algorithm for Hyper-Minimizing States in a (Minimized) Deterministic Automaton Report 0902 April 2009
H. Gruber, M. Holzer: Tight Bounds on the Descriptional Complexity of Regular Expressions Report 0901 February 2009
M. Holzer, M. Kutrib, A. Malcher (eds.): 18. Theorietag Automaten und Formale Sprachens Report 0801 September 2008
M. Holzer, M. Kutrib: Flip-Pushdown Automata: Nondeterminism is Better Than Determinism Report 0301 February 2003
M. Holzer, M. Kutrib: Flip-Pushdown Automata: k+1 Pushdown Reversals are Better Than k Report 0206 November 2002
M. Holzer, M. Kutrib: Nondeterministic Descriptional Complexity of Regular Languages Report 0205 September 2002
H. Bordihn, M. Holzer, M. Kutrib: Economy of Description for Basic Constructions on Rational Transductions Report 0204 July 2002
M. Kutrib, J.-T. Löwe: String Transformation for n-dimensional Image Compression Report 0203 May 2002
A. Klein, M. Kutrib: Grammars with Scattered Nonterminals Report 0202 February 2002
A. Klein, M. Kutrib: Self-Assembling Finite Automata Report 0201 January 2002
M. Holzer, M. Kutrib: Unary Language Operations and Their Nondeterministic State Complexity Report 0107 November 2001
A. Klein, M. Kutrib: Fast One-Way Cellular Automata Report 0106 September 2001
M. Holzer, M. Kutrib: Improving Raster Image Run-Length Encoding Using Data Order Report 0105 July 2001
M. Kutrib: Refining Nondeterminism Below Linear-Time Report 0104 June 2001
M. Holzer, M. Kutrib: State Complexity of Basic Operations on Nondeterministic Finite Automata Report 0103 April 2001
M. Kutrib, J.-T. Löwe: Massively Parallel Fault Tolerant Computations on Syntactical Patterns Report 0102 March 2001
A. Klein, M. Kutrib: A Time Hierarchy for Bounded One-Way Cellular Automata Report 0101 January 2001
M. Kutrib: Below Linear-Time: Dimensions versus Time Report 0005 November 2000
M. Kutrib: Efficient Universal Pushdown Cellular Automata and their Application to Complexity Report 0004 August 2000
M. Kutrib, J.-T. Löwe: Massively Parallel Pattern Recognition with Link Failures Report 0003 June 2000
A. Klein, M. Kutrib: Deterministic Turing Machines in the Range between Real-Time and Linear-Time Report 0002 February 2000
M. Kutrib, J.-T. Löwe: Fault Tolerant Parallel Pattern Recognition Report 0001 February 2000
M. Kutrib: Automata Arrays and Context-Free Languages Report 9907 October 1999
Th. Buchholz, A. Klein, M. Kutrib: Iterative Arrays with Small Time Bounds Report 9906 August 1999
Th. Buchholz, A. Klein, M. Kutrib: Iterative arrays with a wee bit alternation Report 9905 April 1999
Th. Buchholz, A. Klein, M. Kutrib: Real-time language recognition by alternating cellular automata Report 9904 March 1999
Th. Lukasiewicz, G. Kern-Isberner: Probabilistic Logic Programming under Maximum Entropy Report 9903 February 1999
Th. Buchholz, A. Klein, M. Kutrib: On tally languages and generalized interacting automata Report 9902 February 1999
Th. Buchholz, A. Klein, M. Kutrib: Iterative Arrays with Limited Nondeterministic Communication Cell Report 9901 January 1999
Th. Lukasiewicz: Probabilistic and Truth-Functional Many-Valued Logic Programming Report 9809 December 1998
G. Brewka, Th. Eiter: Preferred Answer Sets for Extended Logic Programs Report 9807 May 1998
Th. Buchholz, A. Klein, M. Kutrib: On Interacting Automata with Limited Nondeterminism Report 9806 May 1998
Th. Eiter, J. Lu, V.S. Subrahmanian: On A First-Order Representation of Stable Models Report 9805 May 1998
Th. Eiter, T. Ibaraki, K. Makino: Decision Lists and Related Boolean Functions Report 9804 April 1998
Th. Eiter, T. Ibaraki, K. Makino: Computing Intersections of Horn Theories for Reasoning with Models Report 9803 April 1998
Th. Eiter, V. S. Subrahmanian, G. Pick: Heterogeneous Active Agents Report 9802 March 1998
Th. Buchholz, A. Klein, M. Kutrib: One guess one-way cellular arrays Report 9801 February 1998
Th. Buchholz, A. Klein, M. Kutrib: On time reduction and simulation in cellular spaces Report 9703 December 1997
Th. Eiter, G. Gottlob, Y. Gurevich: Existential second-order logic over strings Report 9702 December 1997
F. Buccafurri, Th. Eiter, G. Gottlob, N. Leone: Enhancing Symbolic Model Checking by AI Techniques Report 9701 September 1997
Th. Buchholz, M. Kutrib: On the power of one-way bounded cellular time computers Report 9604 December 1996
Th. Buchholz, M. Kutrib: Some relations between massively parallel arrays Report 9603 December 1996
H. Kröger, M. Kutrib (Hrsg.): Informatik an der JLUG, Interdisziplinärer Workshop, Proceedings, Schloß Rauischholzhausen, 28. März 1996 Report 9602 December 1996
A. Brüll, H. Kuchen: TPascal - A Language for Task Parallel Programming Report 9601 January 1996
G. H. Botorog, H. Kuchen: Algorithmic Skeletons in an Imperative Language for Distributed Programming Report 9504 December 1995
M. Kutrib, Th. Worsch (Hrsg.): 5. Theorietag, Automaten und Formale Sprachen, Proceedings, Workshop der GI-Fachgruppe 0.1.5, Schloß Rauischholzhausen, 28./29. September 1995 Report 9503 December 1995
Th. Buchholz, M. Kutrib: On time computability of functions in one-way cellular automata Report 9502 September 1995
M. Kutrib: On stack-augmented polyautomata Report 9501 July 1995
H. Kröger, U. Meyer, A. Mischnick: Partielle und residuale Auswertung mit Anwendungen unter anderem bei der semantisch gesteuertern Compiler-Erzeugung, DFG-Projekt Kr 915/1 (Februar 1989-Januar 1994) Abschlußbericht Report 9404 October 1994
M. Kutrib, J. Richstein: Real-time one-way pushdown cellular automata languages Report 9403 October 1994
G. Snelting, U. Meyer (Hrsg.): Semantikgestützte Analyse, Entwicklung und Generierung von Programmen, Workshop der GI-Fachgruppe 2.1.3, Schloß Rauischholzhausen, 10.-11. März 1994 Report 9402 March 1994
M. Kutrib: Parallele Automaten Report 9401 February 1994
M. Kutrib, Th. Worsch: Investigation of different input modes for cellular automata Report 9305 December 1993
G. Vossen: Serializability of Global Transactions in Multidatabases: A Pragmatic Approach Report 9304 August 1993
U. Meyer: Skriptum Compilerbau Report 9303 July 1993
W. Cellary, G. Jomier, G. Vossen (eds.): Recent Topics in Databases Report 9302 March 1993
G. Vossen: Bibliography on Object-Oriented Database Management (3rd and Final Edition) Report 9301 February 1993

J. Van den Bussche, D. Van Gucht, G. Vossen:
Reflective Programming in the Relational Algebra Report 9210 December 1992
J. Van den Bussche, G. Vossen: An Extension of Path Expressions to Simplify Navigation in Object-Oriented Queries Report 9209 November 1992
M. Groß-Hardt, G. Vossen: CLOOD: A Class-Less Model for Object-Oriented Design Databases Report 9208 November 1992
U. Meyer: A technique for proving the correctness of online partial evaluation of imperative languages Report 9207 November 1992
U. Meyer: Partielle Auswertung imperativer Spracen Report 9206 August 1992
U. Meyer: Correctness of online partial evaluation for a Pascal-like language Report 9205 October 1992
W. Cellary, G. Vossen (eds.): Topics in Object-Oriented and Heterogeneous Database Systems Report 9204 June 1992
G. Vossen: On Formal Models for Object-Oriented Databases Report 9203 March 1992
G. Vossen: Bibliography on Object-Oriented Database Management (2nd Edition) Report 9202 January 1992
U. Meyer: Report on a partial evaluator for a large subset of Pascal Report 9201 July 1992
W. Cellary, G. Vossen, G. Jomier: Multiversion Object Constellations for CAD Databases Report 9105 November 1991
V. Vianu, G. Vossen: Static and Dynamic Aspects of Goal-Oriented Concurrency Control Report 9104 August 1991
G. Vossen, K.-U. Witt: FASTFOOD: A Formal Algebra overSets and Tuples for the FOOD Object-Oriented Data Model Report 9103 August 1991
G. Vossen: Databases and Database Management Report 9102 July 1991
G. Vossen, K.-U. Witt: Objectbase Schemata and Objectbases in the FOOD Model Report 9101 June 1991
U. Meyer: Techniques for Partial Evaluation of Imperative Languages Report 9007 November 1990
A. Mischnick, F. Simon: Lisp, ein offenes Programmiersystem für die symbolische Datenverarbeitung Report 9006 October 1990


H. Kröger, A. Mischnick:Compiler-Construction by Partial and Residual Evaluation: Pre-Compilation-Techniques and Inner SpecializationReport 9005April 1990H. Kröger, U. Meyer:Some New Aspects of Partial Evaluation of Imperative LanguagesReport 9004April 1990H. Kröger et al.:The PART+RESI System, Version 1.3 (1989/90), with DEMO-Examples, Floppy DiscReport 9003March 1990H. Kröger:Compiling of a Generalized LISP-LABEL-Concept by Partial Evaluation, (Kiel, Februar 1982), NachdruckReport 9002February 1990H. Kröger, U. Meyer, A. Mischnick:Fundamentals of a Concept of Partial and Residual EvaluationReport 9001January 1990

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