M.Sc. Thomas  Titz Mite
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M.Sc. Thomas Titz Mite

Ph.D. student (advisor: Prof. Dr. Stefan Witzel)

Mathematical Institute

Arndtstraße 2

35392 Gießen

Room 18

Phone: 0641 99 32084



Ph.D. project: ~C2-buildings admitting panel-regular lattices

Research interests : Tits-buildings, Coxeter groups, Artin groups

Details on the main project: In April 2021, I started my PhD project under supervision of Stefan Witzel. The first goal of this project is to analyse a class of ~C2-buildings that admit a lattice acting regularly on two types of panels (respectively one type of panel). These buildings, as well as a class of ~A2-buildings, were introduced by Essert [1]. The latter class has been studied by Witzel [2], who could determine several properties of the buildings, such as their automorphisms groups and isomorphism classes, from purely combinatorial data. We aim for a similar understanding of the ~C2-buildings.