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Vortrag: 'On the growth of Lebesgue constants for convex polyhedra'

Yurii Kolomoitsev


26.04.2018 von 16:15 bis 17:15 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)


MI, Seminarraum 032

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The talk is devoted to the Lebesgue constants of polyhedral partial sums of Fourier series. New upper and lower estimates of the Lebesgue constant in the case of anisotropic dilations of general convex polyhedra will be presented. These estimates are applied to analyze the absolute condition number of the multivariate polynomial interpolation on the Lissajous-Chebyshev node points.

This is joint work with P. Dencker, W. Erb (University of Lübeck), and T. Lomako (Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of NAS of Ukraine).