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Vortrag: "Flexibility vs. rigidity of lattices - a central problem of 20th century group theory"

Tobias Hartnick (Uni Gießen)


07.03.2019 von 10:00 bis 12:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC100)


Seminarraum des Mathem. Instituts, Arndtstr. 2, EG, Raum 32

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Abstract: This talk is addressed at students who had a first course in geometric group theory, Lie theory or algebraic groups. The goal is to introduce the concept of deformation of geometric structures in terms of group theory and to explain the statements of some of the milestone results of the 20th century which govern such deformations. We will start with some elementary examples studied in the 19th century and end with the celebrated superrigidity theorem of Margulis. The emphasis will be  on concrete examples, in particular in low dimensions.