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Möglichkeiten der Mitarbeit in der AG iQNP / Opportunities for joint research in the qnpi group

Allgemeines / Preface

Die unverbindlichen Vorschläge und Hinweise auf dieser Unterseite hier können nur im Verbund mit den Regelungen und Richtlinien der JLU Gießen angemessen betrachtet und interpretiert werden. Auch sollen im Rahmen der Forschungstätigkeit die Richtlinien der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft eingehalten und respektiert werden. / The nonbinding suggestions and hints on this subpage here may only be regarded and interpreted in an appropriate fashion in connection with the rules and guidelines of the JLU Gießen. Also, as part of research endeavors, the guidelines of the German Research Foundation shall be observed and respected.

Dies ist eine englischsprachig arbeitende Forschungsgruppe mit vielen internationalen Kooperationen und Partnern, weshalb weitere Details in der aufrechterhaltenen Arbeitssprache auf Englisch übermittelt werden. / We are a research group with international team members, cooperation groups and partners, and accordingly mainly English speakers. Thus, group-internal communications will generally take place in the English language, the same with below given details.

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Abschlussarbeiten und Projektmitarbeit:

Master-Thesis und HiWi-artige Tätigkeiten - Supervisor: Arash.Rahimi-Iman [at] physik (office: GI-99-33124)


i) Neural network hopes for good IT-proven teacher:

You are keen on learning and exploring novel optimization techniques, and handling a swarm of data points feels like managing your units in PC strategy games?

You are eager to contribute advanced Python skills and knowhow of an up-to-date a.i. API for machine learning, and your neurons are trained?

Feel free to phone in or write a short email with brief reference to this page and the keyword "Neural".


ii) 3D printing meets light and more:

You show problem-solving skills and the ability to abstract, and quality and order are no loanword for you?

You bring experience in 3D printing, computer design and programming, you are ready to combine characterization tools and test devices for superb optical achievements?

Feel free to phone in or write a short email with brief reference to this page and the keyword "C-3-D-O ".


iii) Master of light control and characterization:

Your desire to achieve good data and exquisite control on micro- or nanoscales is pronounced, you are pro light but not anti matter?

Weak light-matter coupling doesn't sound weak to you, you know optics and quantum physics, you bring high finger-tip sensitivity?

Feel free to phone in or write a short email with brief reference to this page and the keyword "Light".


iv) A crystalline subject seeking a crystallized mind:

You are interested in crystals, but less for the material value than for the knowledge of its inner life and context?

You bring a sense for order, structured thinking and the ability to abstract - paired with team spirit, sedateness and programming experience?

Feel free to phone in or write a short email with brief reference to this page and the keyword "Heavy".


v) Master of application oriented photonic work:

Your preference in device-oriented work is proven by your hobbies, you can handle electronics and lasers, data quality matters to you?

You have coding experience and stamina, and carry tolerance for hardware or software faults?

Feel free to phone in or write a short email with brief reference to this page and the keyword "Practical".


… (vi-to-ix currently blocked)

x) Extraordinary topics seek creative explorers:

You are attracted by the force of physics, but devoting your own time gaming, coding or creating content on your computer charms more than a quantum of work in the lab? And a standard task feels like ‘Bohr model’, whereas your super project should be worth a dive like the standard model? Having likely no lab career afterwards doesn’t sound to you like an anti-climax on your evolutionary path?

You do your part within your higher studying program towards a final exam and are ready to contribute virtually sophisticated computer skills? Utilizing known physics, concepts, and theories to work creatively and have fun at work resonates with you? Experiencing nice results on the way rather than enforcing them all along doesn’t sound counter intuitive?

Feel free to phone in or write a short email with brief reference to this page and the keyword "ChallengeXcepted".


Last update: May 2024


Projektstellen - Projektleiter: Arash.Rahimi-Iman [at] physik (office: GI-99-33124)

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Joining the group and its teams from abroad:

About acquiring financial support (fellowships) and becoming visiting scholar

Die AG iQNP unterstützt diverse Förderschienen und zweckmäßige Möglichkeiten für interessante und weiterbildende Forschungsaufenthalte, sei es mithilfe von DAAD Stipendien, DFG Postdocförderungmitteln oder EU-Horizon-MSCA (individual) fellowships.

The qnpi-group supports a variety of scholarship schemes and meaningful possibilities to accommodate scholars for interesting and educative research stays, e.g. with the help of DAAD or DFG scholarships as well as EU-Horizon-MSCA (individual) fellowships.

Außerdem sind bei institutioneller Anbindung an einer Universität im In- und Ausland Gastaufenthalte innerhalb kooperativer Projekte sowie im sinnvollen Rahmen und Ausmaß auch vorstellbar (bei gesicherter und nachweisbarer Finanzierungsmittel). Individuelle Anfragen sind bitte und ausschließlich per Email in unformatierter Textform mit bis zu 500 Wortern an die AG Leitung zu richten, unter Angabe der aktuellen Hochschulaffiliation und einer akademischen Referenzperson.

Besides, given a valid institute affiliation at a university abroad or within Germany, guest stays within a cooperative project and reasonable frame as well as scope are imaginable, too (provided that financial means are secured and provable). Individual queries are please directed solely via email in unformated text form with up to 500 words to the head of the group, with reference to the interested person's current affiliation and an academic reference person.

Arash Rahimi-Iman