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Finished PhD theses

List of finished PhD theses under (co-)supervision of A. Goesmann.

The following PhD theses were conducted with support and/or supervision of A. Goesmann:


Name Title of thesis Year
Christopher Schölzel Engineering complex mathematical models in systems biology with Modelica
using the example of the human cardiovascular system
Oliver Schwengers Novel scalable approaches for the computational analysis of bacterial genomics 2022
Michael Menzel Identification and modelling of genetic features for genomic position profiling to support future approaches in gene therapy 2021
Daniel Amsel Elucidating the potential of microRNAs - towards a functional landscape of microRNSs in the model organisms Triboleum castaneum and Galleria mellonella 2021
Sebastian Ganschow High-resolution forensic DNA typing 2020
Jens Preussner Development and application of computational methods for cancer subtype detection from -omics data 2020
Sebastian Jaenicke The MGX framework for microbial community analysis 2020
Friederike Seyfried Representational Geometry of categorical perception of animate and inanimate objects 2019
Denise Brigitte Herbert Comparative transcriptome analysis and phenotypic monitoring of Trifolium pratense (Fabaceae) under land use scenarios 2018
Liren Huang Cloud-based Bioinformatics Framework for Next-Generation Sequencing Data 2018
Dimitri Fichou Hardware and Software Solution for Planar Chromatography 2018
Nikolas Kessler An interactive online software platform for the analysis of small
molecules using hyphenated mass spectrometry: MeltDB and ALLocator
Sebastian Fischer Genomdiversität der dominierenden Pseudomonas aeruginosa Klone C und PA14 2015
Rolf Hilker Development of a read mapping analysis software and computational pan genome analysis of 20 Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains 2015
Tobias Jakobi Bioinformatic methods for eukaryotic RNA-Seq-based promoter identification 2014
Jochen Blom Comparative genomics on gene and single nucleotide level 2013
Stefan Albaum QuPE - an integrated bioinformatics platform for quantitative proteomics 2012
Jessica Schneider

Sequenzanalyse, Annotation und Stoffwechselrekonstruktion der biotechnologisch relevanten Hefen Wickerhamomyces ciferrii und Wickerhamomyces anomalus mit der RAPYD-Plattform

Martha Zakrzewski

Development of computational methods for the analysis of metagenome and metatranscriptome data

Burkhard Linke

Conveyor - A workflow engine for bioinformatics analyses

Kolja Henckel Development of a software infrastructure to mine GeneChip expression data and to combine datasets from different Medicago truncatula expression profiling platforms 2010
Naryttza Namelly Díaz Solórzano Taxonomic classification of genomic sequences: From whole genomes to environmental genomic fragments 2010
Heiko Neuweger

MeltDB - A software platform for the analysis and integration of metabolomics experiment data

Sebastian Oehm

Comparing Organisms on the Level of Metabolism

Michael Dondrup

EMMA2 - A MAGE-Compliant System for the Analysis of Microarray Data in Integrated Functional Genomics

Lutz Krause

From single genomes to natural communities: Novel methods for the high-throughput analysis of genomic sequences