Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Update of the public EDGAR database

Public and free to use EDGAR database updated from 167 genera with 2000+ genomes to 322 genera with 8000+ genomes.

The public databases provided by the EDGAR platform for comparative genomics as part of the BIGI node in the German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastucture (de.NBI) has been updated and significantly extended. The number of genus-based projects that are hosted as a free to use service for the scientific community has been increased from 167 to 322, and the number of genomes that are available within these public projects has increased from 2160 to 8079.

A public EDGAR project is created for every bacterial genus for which more than 3 finished and annotated genome sequences are available in the NCBI databases. As next addition public projects for archaeal genera will be added in the near future.

The EDGAR web server with the public projects can be found at the following URL: