Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Installation of new hardware

On April 13th and 14th we had a major maintenance of our system. Servers were rearranged and new servers were added. A large part of the wiring was adjusted. Finally, all machines were moved into a new VLAN.

On April 13th and 14th we performed major maintenance work on our system. Existing servers were rearranged according to their operation purpose and new servers were added to the system. Consequently, a large part of the wiring had to be rearranged. Finally, the whole system was moved into a new VLAN. 

The network infrastructure was extended by a new InfiniBand switch with a transfer rate of up to 56Gbit and a 40GBit ethernet switch. As a result, the bottlenecks regarding the throughput, as well as the latency will be eliminated for future work. Furthermore, eight new HP DL380 Gen9 server, each with 128GB RAM, 12x 6TB HDD and 2 Intel P3700 PCIe-SSDs were installed, which will strengthen the backbone of our storage solution.

The maintenance proceeded in three steps, the removal of the existing wiring, the relocation of the existing hardware and the installation of new hardware, and finally the rewiring of the systems. Due to the many helping hands these tasks could be finished on the first day of the systems down time. The second day was used to solve unforeseen problems and to launch the hardware.

By now all servers and services are available again. The new storage hardware will be integrated into the storage pool soon, which will lead to more storage space for running projects as well as for future projects. We have made three time lapse movies documenting the installation of the hardware that we want to present here.


Timelapse movies