Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Fred Jopp


Lukas Jelonek 2013

Justig-Liebig-Universität - StF5 - Forschungsreferent




2012 - present Adj. Prof. at JLU Giessen
2010 - present Adj. Prof. at University of Miami, FL, US
2008/2009 The Everglades Research Project, FL, DeAngelis
2007 - 2008 Adj. Prof. at Ecology Dept., FUB
2007 Habilitation (post-doctoral lecture qualification) at FUB
2005/2006 Appalachian Laboratory, UMCES-MD, Gardner
2003 Ph.D. at FUB
1998 - 2003 Researcher at Freie Universität Berlin (FUB)


Research Interests

My research interests are focussed on (a) developing and applying adequate tools for spatially-explicit modeling, system analysis, statistic modeling and scenario projections of biological systems; (b) understanding the impacts of climate change on ecosystems, (c) analyzing the impact of animals on the dynamics of ecosystem services; (d) understanding the trade-offs of biodiversity and ecosystem functions of tropical and subtropical habitats, (e) tackling the impact of invasive species on ecosystem functioning. In these contexts, I study research questions of climate impact research, ecological theory, food web ecology, nature conservation, invasion biology, population ecology dispersal and landscape genetics.


Selected involved research projects

  • Since 2015: BiGi—Bioinformatisches Ressourcen-Zentrum für mikrobielle Genomforschung in Biotechnologie und Medizin. Goesmann et al., BioInformatics Dept. JLU.
  • Since 2015: Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Habitats and Species in the Everglades -- Assessments through Modeling, together with DeAngelis et al., USGS/UM.
  • 2012-2015: JAGUAR—Sustainable futures for cultural landscapes in Germany and Japan, together with Wolters et al., JLU.
  • Since 2014: Statistical Analysis of Landscapes under pressures, together with Gardner et al., AL.
  • Since 2014: Recalculating the OHI of seascapes of the ETPS countries for the human well-being, together with Diazgranados et al., Cons.Int./CCO 


Selected Publications

  • Sasaki K, Ichinose T, Doko T, Imoto I, Jopp F 2015: Establishment of laurel forest vegetation in adjacent secondary forest in central Japan. Landscape Ecol Eng pp 1-12 DOI 10.1007/s11355-015-0278-y
  • Kubicek, A, Jopp, F, Breckling, B, Lange, C, Reuter, H 2015: Context-oriented model validation of individual-based models in Ecology: A hierarchically structured approach to validate qualitative, compositional and quantitative characteristics. Ecological Complexity 22 (2015) 178–191.
  • Hotes, S, Sasaki, K, Munroe Hotes, C, Eigner, A, Früh-Müller, A, Machnikowski, F, Breuer, L, Nuppenau, EA, Wolters, V, Jopp, F 2015 Building the basis for sustainable land use –concepts and strategies for implementation in Germany and Japan. Keio Bulletin SFC Japan Studies Platform. In Print.
  • Breckling, B, Jopp, F 2015: Systemtheorie - ein naturwissenschaftlicher Blick . In: Systemtheorien und Humanökologie, KH Simon & F Tretter (Hrsg.), 176-196, Tagungsband der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Humanökologie, DGH 2014, München OEKOM Verlag – Edition Humanökologie.
  • Terui, A, Miyazaki, Y, Yoshioka, A, Kadoya, T, Jopp, F, Washitani, I, 2014 Dispersal of Larvae of Margaritifera laevis by its host fish, Journal of the North American Benthological Society 2014 33 (1):1-13
  • Schrader, M.; Hauffe, T.; Zhang, Z.; Davis, G. M.; Jopp, F.; Remais, J. V. & Wilke, T. 2013: Spatially explicit modeling of schistosomiasis risk in eastern China based on a synthesis of epidemiological, environmental and intermediate host genetic data. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 7, e2327. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0002327