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Join the team - BSc / MSc / doctoral theses

This page offers some general guidelines on how to join the research group of Prof. Peter R. Schreiner in the Institute of Organic Chemistry at the Justus-Liebig University Giessen, Germany. There are several types of short- and long term (sponsored) projects, many in connection with other institutions (currently: Stanford University/USA, Eötvös University/Hungary, University of Georgia/USA, Université de Bordeaux/France, Weizmann Institute/Israel and others) such as:   

Study projects (Studienprojekte und Vertiefungspraktikum): Short projects, carried out preferrably during the semester breaks (no lectures) for periods of 1 – 6 months either as part of your studies (BSc, MSc chemistry and materials sciences) or because you’d like to jump right into your own research project that is embedded within the group’s research interests. Interested? Please ask the co-workers (doctoral students and postdocs) directly or contact Prof. Schreiner.

Bachelor’s and Master’s Theses: We continuously offer timely research projects in the area of organocatalysis, nanodiamonds, and reactive intermediates (mostly carbenes) for bachelor’s and master’s theses. A trademark of our group is that we combine experiment and theory using large computer clusters. Interested? Please ask the co-workers (doctoral students and postdocs) directly or contact Prof. Schreiner.

Doctoral / PhD Theses: We are continuously recruiting new graduate students working on a variety of research topics. Our group is quite international;  if you are highly motivated, with a solid background in organic chemistry, and a good command of German or English, we encourage you to apply by sending the usual documents (CV and research interests) and an individual cover letter. Please ask Prof. Schreiner about the availability of fellowships or teaching assistant positions.

Postdocs: Recent PhDs with excellent grades and a high degree creativity and scientific maturity are encouraged to contact Prof. Schreiner regarding postdoctoral positions.

B. Sc. and M. Sc. theses

Generally (but  not necessarily), our efforts combine experiment and theory. We  continuously have openings for B. Sc. and M. Sc. students. The topics asking for "additional hands and brains" are briefly outlined in the  pdf files below. More information (but somewhat harder to digest...)  is available in  original research papers that you can access under "Publications" on the left.

Have a look and talk to us - and think about developing and bringing along your own ideas!