Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

MSc- und BSc- Arbeiten

Die AG Internationale Ernährung hat regelmäßig Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten im Bereich Ernährungssicherung vergeben!

Auswahl laufender Abschlussarbeiten (Stand April 2021)

  • Food Insecurity in households with children below five years of age - application of the FIES in Germany and Madagascar
Beendet in 2020/21
  • Handgrip strenght of mothers living in households affected by double burden - in Kenya and Malawi
  • Change in dietary patters in times of Covid-19 - a global survey
  • Food environment and Covid-19 - a global survey
  • Food and nutrition security in two different South African Regions
  • Hindering and facilitating factors for responsive feeding among rural households in Kenya
  • Linking nutrition and agriculture interventions  - challenges in mobilizing male farmers for nutrition topics

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