Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

The Retreat

The Annual Retreat is an important part of the MBML curriculum. Here you will find information about the Annual Retreat, the programme of the next Annual Retreat, and the programmes of all previous Annual Retreats.

The year’s work is anchored by an annual retreat organized by the Department of Medicine II  during which all students are expected to present the progress of their dissertation research. In this setting the students have the possibility to practise the presentation of their results and in return receive constructive criticism by their fellow students and teaching faculty of other institutions. This year we have again invited exciting guests and experts of the respective fields!

This interdisciplinary meeting encourages scientific communication and competence through exchange of ideas and knowledge of all participating schools and institutions of the MBML. The students actively take part in reasoning processes among themselves and in interaction with their teachers. In doing so, they aquire valuable scientific skills for their future careers.

This year's Annual Retreat will be held at the beautiful Castle Rauischholzhausen on June 26-28 2024.


To get more information about the Castle Rauischholzhausen and to find out how to get there click on the picture!