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The ILH / CIGL Multiscale Imaging Platform (MIP) is equipped with expensive and very accurate equipment, which is also very sensitive and vulnerable due to improper usage.

The MIP in order to ensure and maintain the high quality of instruments’ operation, performs regular quality controls, provides pre-imaging consultation and extensive on-site training for each individual user and implements strict usage regulations.

Everyone who wants to start using the Imaging Platform infrastructure, needs first to study carefully the guidelines and also inform her/his supervisor about these rules.

The next step is to arrange a meeting with the coordinator of the unit (see Contacts) in order to discuss about the specific needs in the field of light microscopy.

Afterwards, the first introduction to the system will be planned. Keep in mind that this introduction (depending on the technique, and the experience of the user) can last up to 3 hours. At the end of the introduction the user will be called to sign specific documents (declarations) certifying the proper understanding of all the important aspects of the training (safety instructions).

If needed, this introduction can be repeated to some extend until the user will be capable to work independently.







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