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IPP Kohorten

  • Benner, Annalina
    The Impact of Digitization on the Musicalization of Anglophone Fiction. From Thematization and Imitation to Musical Incorporation
  • Buonamici, Riccardo
    Narrators and Narratee in the English Picaresque Tradition, 1591-1753: the Forms and Functions of Moral Ambiguity
  • Çiçek, Melisa
    Erzählte Resonanzerfahrungen: Repräsentationen diverser Lebensformen in postmigrantischer Gegenwartsliteratur
  • Klishevich, Anna
    Cinematic Ekphrasis in Contemporary British Novel: Language, Frame, Gaze
  • Mazzaglia, Piera
    Material Love: The Creation and Role of the "Languages of Love", More than Verbal Expressions
  • Presago, Marco
    Book Recommendations in the Digital Age: Contemporary Praxes and Mechanisms at Work
  • Ravi, Archana
    Re-remembering the Second World War: Narrative Strategies and ‘New’ Modes of Representation in Contemporary Young Adult Fiction
  • Sawon, Dorothea
    Writing Nature in a more-than-human World: Ecological Sense-ability as a Narrative Strategy in Contemporary British Writing