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Alumni Talk: Dr. Abdul Ataie

People and organisations through the lens of natural sciences: From Theoretical Physics to DB Systel GmbH, the IT Subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn


08.02.2023 von 17:00 bis 18:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC100)


Heinrich-Buff-Ring 26 (iFZ), B302

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  • Mittwoch, 08.02.2023, 17:00-18:00
  • Heinrich-Buff-Ring 26 (iFZ), B302
  •  Promovierende, Postdocs, Master-Studierende
  • Dr. Abdul Ataie
  • English (or German if everyone speaks German)



The Alumnus

Dr. Abdul A. Ataie studied physics at the JLU and then received his doctorate from the Institute for Theoretical Physics („QRPA-Rechnungen für Ladungsaustauschanregungen an exotischen Kernen“).
Since 2012 he has been working in different areas at DB Systel GmbH, the IT subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, and has thus gained insight into a wide range of fields of operation. In particular, he worked as a functional architect in software development, as a consultant, as an agile coach and organizational developer, and as an agile leader.
Looking back on his studies and doctorate, Dr. Ataie will provide insight into the key skills he acquired during his time in academia (and those he wished he had) that have proven useful in his career in industry.
Join us when Abdul shares his experience in this conversational setting and feel free to ask him many questions!

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About the Alumni Series

With our Alumni Series, we want to establish a format that will help you discover the opportunities that lie ahead and what you can do today, to get there in the future. We invite speakers with an academic background in the natural sciences who have advanced inside or outside of academia. We encourage you to take advantage of the diversity of perspectives, even if the speaker is not from the exact same field as you.

Whether you are currently at a point of decision, want to plan ahead, or are just curious, we invite you to attend. This format is for PhD students, PostDocs, and master students who want to advance in their careers, are looking for new job opportunities or simply want to form connections.

Please note that speakers can share information that may be personal or confidential and should not be discussed outside of the event.