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About the RCSC



Building on a strong track record in the interdisciplinary study of culture, the newly-devised Research Centre for the Study of Culture (RCSC) offers a space for creative thinking and work with a view to mobilizing collaborative research projects and external funding. As an extension of the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC), the RCSC simultaneously serves as a dynamic hub and interface for the area of potential (PB) “Culture–Conflict–Security (Focus: Eastern Europe)” within JLU’s research strategy “The Liebig Concept”.


Thus placed the RCSC seeks to promote dialogue across different subjects and faculties, as well as engaging the wider public. At a time of proliferating global challenges, the concept-oriented, interdisciplinary study of culture holds a special promise in navigating major concerns currently occupying the academy and society at large. Based on central approaches and fields of interest pursued at the GCSC and within the area of potential “Culture–Conflict–Security” (e.g. cultural narratologies and concepts of security), the RCSC sets out to serve as an incubator of innovative ideas, collaborative projects, and open research practices. It seeks to involve both senior and early-career researchers to engender further cutting-edge and internationally visible work in the study of culture.