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Cisco Webex – Evaluation Mode

Planned meetings with large numbers of participants, participation via telephone possible, chat, screen sharing



Cisco Webex is currently in use as part of an Evaluation Mode. This means, amongst other things, that settings within Webex may be changed dynamically, which can potentially also result in a loss of certain functions. This evaluation mode will last until June 14th 2021. Until then, the use of Webex is possible only under the circumstances and conditions listed below.

Video, audio and web conferences may be conducted using Webex. For this, a computer (PC/Mac, laptop, tablet, smartphone) with internet access as well as a headset or speakers and microphone (both for the organizer and the participants of the Meeting.)

With Webex, the following functional areas are available to you:

1. Meetings (Meetings; participants may converse directly with one another)Using Webex Meetings, seminars and meetings may be conducted. Every participant of a meeting can broadcast their video and audio. Theoretically, up to 1.000 participants can be invited to a meeting. There is a chat function, as well a screensharing function and the possibility of making annotations.  Further information on Meetings by Cisco...

2. Events (Lectures; participants only listen)You can conduct bigger events (such as lectures) using Webex Events. A teacher can present, and up to 1.000 students can “listen.” Students cannot participate via audio and video in Events. However, the host may give individual participants the right to active their video and audio. Additionally, there is a feedback channel in form of a chat; multiple choice questions may be posed and feedback buttons can be used. Events can also be recordedFurther information on Events by Cisco...

Webex MeetingWebex Events
Max. Number of Participants 1.000 (incl. host) 1.000 (incl. host)
Max. Number of Participants with their own audio and video 1.000 (incl. host) max. 5 panelists
Max. Number of Visible Participants on One Page (Grid View) 25 (in case of more than 25 participants, “turning” pages is possible) -
Recording Function  No Yes, under certain circumstances (see below: News October 2020)


Use of Webex at the JLU

A Webex log-in is only required for the organizer of a Meeting. The participants will receive a link to the event from you and may participate without registration. 

At the moment, only teachers and staff of the JLU may receive a log-in. Students are excluded for now. 

If you only want to use Webex as an organizer briefly, or conduct a session with other organizers or teachers (for example a lecture,) not every single organizer will require their own Webex account. You only require your own Webex account if you intend to create your own session. Otherwise, you may also enter the session as a participant, and have the role of the host bestowed upon you by the host who created the session. This way, not every speaker in a lecture series needs to have their own account. For this purpose, just using the account of one coordinator is sufficient.

In order to request a Cisco Webex log-in, please send an e-mail from your staff JLU e-mail address to  and put “Webex-Zugang” in the subject line. We also need you to state the intended purpose of the account.

Please give us up to one business day to create your account. As soon as you receive an e-mail from Webex with the subject “JLU Gießen has invited you to Cisco Webex,” please click the activation link within the e-mail and set a password. 

The participants of your session will receive their access data via e-mail, sent by you as the organizer. Participants do not have to be students or members of the JLU.



You can check the version of your Webex Meeting Client by opening the program and clicking the cogwheel icon on the upper right. Then choose “Info….” Choosing the option “Updates…” will actively start the updating process.

July 2020: Version 40.7.x.x allows choosing a virtual background for your video. Amongst other things, you can choose “Blurring,” which will blur your background. This can prove particularly helpful if you are filming from a private room.

August 2020: In version 40.8.x.x, you may upload and choose your own virtual backgroundAdditionally, the Grid View is now the default view when using the desktop application.

September 2020: Version 40.9.x.x was announced to be released on September 18th. In this version, control elements will now be placed outside of the video images (see Cisco's information page on Webex 40.9.x.x).
A week later (September 25th), another expansion will follow, which will allow breakout rooms within meetings (see Cisco's information page). You will find this option in the menu under “breakout sessions.”

October 2020: The recording function for Webex Events (not Meetings) will be available with the start of term (WiSe 20/21.) For this, several rules need to be adhered to from a legal standpoint: 
Only the event organizer (teacher) must activate the recording function.
Discussions with participants must only be held via chat (or the Q&A function,) not via audio/video.
Panelists or other discussion participants must only be admitted if they are informed about the active recording. 
The recorded session must only be saved locally (not in the Webex Cloud.)
The recording must only be shared internally within the JLU/among participants of the event, and must not be shared on Social Media platforms or the like.

December 2020On Friday, December 11, 2020, between 8:00 p.m. - 00:59 a.m. CET, a migration of the JLU Webex site within the Cisco cloud will take place. This will increase the performance stability of the JLU-site. According to Cisco, the migration will not have a major direct impact on usage. 
During the maintenance period, however, the following points should be noted:
Hosts and participants may experience technical disruptions while hosting or attending a meeting.
If a disruption occurs during a meeting, the host is advised to restart the meeting.
To avoid problems, Cisco recommends postponing all meetings scheduled for 20:00 - 00:59 CET if possible.



Links: Instructions and Guides


Cisco regularly releases Webex expansions and adjusts its functions accordingly. We will offer updated instructions before the start of the new term.


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