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DFNconf (Pexip)

Planned meetings, offered by the DFN association, requires log-in, simple handling, small groups of 5-6 people and use in off-peak hours recommended


Using the DFNconf service, you can conduct video and audio web conferences with Pexip, just the way you may be used to doing it with Skype, for example. For this, you need a computer (PC/Mac, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone) with internet access, as well as a headset or speakers and a microphone. You can attend a Pexip conference via your browser, the app, a video conference system, or via telephone.

Due to the high access demand, the use of Pexip is only recommendable for conferences with small groups (max. 5-6 people). DFNconf is gradually adjusting their hardware and the Pexip licenses to the current situation.


Use of the DFNconf service (Pexip)

For you as the host, there are two options:

  1. We create a virtual room via Pexip for you. In this case, please send us an email at  with “Web conference” as the subject. We will need up to three business days to create your room for you. 
  2. We create an account for the DFNconf service, so that you may create and manage your own rooms via Pexip or Adobe Connect (for these licenses, DFNconf is currently experiencing supply shortages.) If you are planning to set up this service for co-workers as well, this option might make the most sense for you. In this case, please send an e-mail containing your contact data (first name, last name, phone number) from your personal work mail address to . E-mails that are not sent from a JLU e-mail address or are sent from a non-personalized e-mail address will be rejected. Please take into consideration that it may take up to three business days until your account is created. 

    Once you receive an e-mail with your access information, please click the link in the e-mail. Then choose “Uni Gießen” as your location in the log-in screen, and use your access information to log in. See also

The participants of your session will receive their access data via e-mail, sent by you as the organizer. Participants do not have to be students or members of the JLU. 



Further information about the web conference offer of the DFN-Verein (in German)


General technical problems and solutions (audio/video) at web conferences