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Organising your Curriculum

In order to enable you to tailor your personal curriculum to your individual research interests, developmental needs and career goals, the GGL has developed a credit system which ensures attendance of all components while giving you a maximum of flexibility. Our credit point system helps you to take part in each of the components (scientific training, practical methodology training, doctoral development, reporting) in a structured and balanced way.


Component How much time is required in total?
Doctoral Development Programme 72 academic teaching units (45 minutes each)
Research Seminar 72 academic teaching units (45 minutes each)
Practical Courses 10 days
Lab Rotations 10 days
Annual Conference 6 days including presentation of a poster or talk
Section Retreat 3 days


20 % of each educa­tio­nal component may be compensated for by other elements including external training courses (as long as they are of similar quality to the GGL programme) and inter­national con­fe­rences. Activities in support of the GGL, such as in the organising team of the GGL Annual Conference, are honoured with credits as well. Apart from these rules, you are free to choose the components of the curriculum yourself in agree­ment with your supervisors. Aside from attending their own section´s seminars, GGL members can also attend seminars of other sections. The requiremnet is that the seminar should be a part of the GGL Calender. For all other external seminars which are not part of the GGL Curriculum and their credit calculation, kindly contact . Each external seminar will be individually reviewed and assessed for credit calculation. The Members have three years time to complete all the components (extention possible for justified reasons such as family duties). 


Study Portfolio

Every doctoral student and member of the GGL receives a Study Portfolio where you are asked to record all lectures, seminars, workshops, practical courses, laboratory ro­ta­tions, and international congresses you attend. Attendance is con­firmed with the supervisors’ or lecturers’ signature.


Credit Counter

Together with the portfolio, the credit counter is the basis for detailed graduation certificates that summarise the doctoral training for you individually.

Before proceeding with your courses, we recommend that you read the instructions and watch the how-to videos that explain how to use the credit counter.


The Study Portfolio and Credit Counter are a steering instrument allowing you to plan and track your doctoral education, pro­viding transparency for your supervisors and enabling the GGL Office Management Team to organise the curriculum in a demand-driven way.


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The Credit Counter is only accessible for members of the GGL.