Please note that the STIBET programme is designed exclusively for those of you who have obtained their secondary education and BA degrees outside of Germany. This means that you cannot participate in STIBET if you have received these degrees in Germany, regardless of your nationality.
Here you can tell us what you would like to do. If you have several ideas, please submit each of them seperately.
If you have any ideas which were not mentioned above, please tell us about them here.
Please tell us the title of your course, event or other project, e.g. online learning tool or intercultural event.
If you have planned a seminar/ lecture/ etc., please tell us when you would like to give it. If possible, it should take place before November 30, 2022.
Please give us a description on what you would like to do, e.g. what course you would like to teach (check list of required content in your invitation). Please include a precise time plan, which also shows the time you need for preparation. This will be our basis for calculating your honorarium. Please include the following points: 1. Name of the course 2. Brief introduction into the topic (max. 200 words) 3. Aims of the course (max. 50 words) 4. Content of the course (may be a bullet point list) 5. Time plan for the course (include hours spent in the course and breaks) 6. Time plan for your preparation (include the hours you spend for the preparation) 7. Introduction of yourself (please state why you are especially qualified to teach this course; max. 100 words) 8. Lab Permission: In case you wish to offer your course in a lab, a signed confirmation from your lab leader is needed that you are allowed to use the lab for this course (can be added to your application at a later stage). If possible, upload either a *.pdf or a *.doc file.
In order to help us determine what kind of provisions you need, e.g. for room capacity, please tell us your estimate of how many people you expect to take part.
Please tell us more about whom you have in mind as your target group. You may select more than one option.
If you have anyone in mind who was not listed above, please tell us here.
Please tell us what you will need to do your course/ event/ project. Make sure to be as precise as possible! You may select more than one option.
Please let us know if you would like to offer your workshop online or face-to-face.
If you have planned a lab course, tell us whether you have permission from the lab in question. We will need a written permission from your lab prior to your course.