Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

References (Optional)

References should be avoided or restricted to those absolutely necessary for the comprehension of the abstract. Each of the references must be cited in the text and marked by numbers in brackets e.g. [2]. A maximum of 3 references are allowed.

When entering details of the references, please do not use dots, commas, colons etc. For the title of the journal, please use the abbreviated version of the title such as "N Engl J Med" or "J Org Chem". A list of major journals and their abbreviations is available from Web of Knowledge here.

When entering the authors of the references you only need the initials of the authors first names. Papers with more than two authors will be shown as "Miller et. al", so you only need to enter the first author if your paper has more than two.

When entering the page numbers please write both full numbers with a dash, e.g. 234-239 (not 234 - 9).